Board of Trustees Meeting Packet

• Instituted the Diversity Advocate Search Program. Search Advocates are CWU faculty, staff, and administrators who are trained as search- and selection-process advisors. Their preparation includes a two-part workshop addressing current research about implicit bias, diversity, the changing legal landscape in hiring, inclusive employment principles, practical strategies for each stage of the search process, and effective ways to be an advocate on a search committee. • Developed a Faculty Fellows program to increase retention . The Faculty Fellows initiative focuses on anti-racist training, and scholarship, and pedagogy related to faculty research. Its goal is to meet the current needs for faculty training (pedagogical and interpersonal) as a retention effort for minoritized faculty and students, as well as to enhance the intellectual and educational lives of those most at risk of marginalization on our campus. • Identifying the reasons that employees of color left the university. The data collected through phone interviews so far suggests that faculty and staff of color leave the university due to lack of community, lack of mentoring both in their departments and in the university as a whole, negative campus climate, and lack of equity in review processes. • Supported department s in increasing diversity of hiring by optimizing outreach processes and enhancing the presence of underrepresented people in hiring pools. • Supported hiring authorities in hiring diverse employees. • C reated campus climate assessment process to retain employees. The following data shows percent increases in people of color employed as classified and exempt staff, adjunct faculty, and tenured or tenure-track faculty. Data comes from the CWU’s own data dashboards and federal databases, including the federal Integrated Post-Secondary Data System (IPEDS). Employees include TT/T faculty, permanent staff, all Non-Tenure Track faculty. Change in % People of Color Employed by CWU Year Tenure/Tenure Track Non-Tenure Track Staff 2019 17% 13% 16% 2020 18% 14% 16% Representation of Women and People of Color Among All Employees The data-collection date is 5/30 of each year. Data is from CWU’s annual affirmative action plan, which analyzes information and activity between 6/1 of the first year through 5/30 of the next year. Employees include all permanent staff, tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as full-time, nine-month non- tenure-track faculty. Year Total Employees Women Minorities 2019 (5/30/2019) 1576 836 (53.05%) 234 (14.8%) 2020 (5/30/2020) 1602 863 (53.9%) 360 (16.2%) Way Forward in 2020-2021: 1. Create faculty and staff mentoring program: A faculty and staff mentoring program both within their departments and outside of their departments provides support for meeting the criteria of

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