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“I am now pain free!” “I had been suffering with chronic back pain for years. It seemed like every 6 months I would have a flare up. Lately, as I am aging, it was taking longer to relieve itself so I decided to go see my general doctor. After talking with him for a while about my symptoms he made a suggestion that I might want to try some physical therapy. I ended up at South Valley (my doctor recommended them) and what a difference it has made. After a thorough evaluation the therapist designed a treatment plan for me that focused on not only relieving my current pain but providing a way for me to prevent future setbacks. During the evaluation the therapist noticed that my core muscles were not as strong as they should be. Over the course of 2 months and following his exercise program I definitely feel the difference. I am now pain free and feel so much stronger, my balance is better and I just generally feel better. I am looking forward to continuing with my home exercise program and getting stronger each day. Thank you to all the staff at South Valley Physical Therapy.” - G.S.

“Stronger and stronger...” “What a sense of accomplishment I felt when I was able to complete a 2 minute plank! When I started at South Valley I couldn’t even hold the plank for more than 15 seconds…no wonder I was falling victim to back and neck pains…I was weak where it counted most! To be honest when I started PT I dreaded those words spoken by my PT “Time for planks” I felt embarrassed that I was so weak, but the constant praise and encouragement from my team made all the difference. Each time I went in for my session I was getting stronger and stronger and as a result my pain was lessening. Now I proudly do my planks and all of my other core exercises and look forward to hitting the 3 minute mark! Thanks Josh and Mel!” - R.L.

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