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D ecember 2017

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D o Y ou B elieve in M agic ?

my ‘planning cells’) merge nicely. Come early December, I’ve been already been sneakily investigating present interests. Gifts have been purchased and stashed away. I’ve picked out the first possible weekend we can go get our Santa pictures, I’ve gotten any holiday craft projects lined up, and cookie- making ingredients bought. I try to plan almost nothing else, in order to leave time for the unplanned. I never had tons of presents as a kid, as it would have bankrupted my parents of five children. And I, of course, never felt lacking. We went to Disneyland every Christmas Eve, came home tuckered out, and had some cool stuff to open in the mornings. I always looked forward to opening my stocking the most. It was the one thing I could open before my parents were awake. I want my daughter to feel the same, to value the magic over stuff. We limit present spending and instead choose to spend time, a much more valuable commodity. This holiday season, I hope you can slow down, find delight in the little things, warmth and connection in the day to day, and magic to discover you when you’re not looking. WAY better than fruitcake and even delicious peppermint mochas. Shelly Coffman

‘Tis the season for fruitcake, peppermint mochas, crowded malls, and rain anxiety. For myself, I like to think of December as the time of year akin to applying the brakes on a wet rainy day. I like to be careful, drive slow, anticipate the other crazy drivers, and give myself a wide berth. I do that while driving in our now miserable, dark, wet weather, and I also do that simply to navigate throughout the holidays avoiding any holiday disasters. I am delighted that my daughter, now 7, still fully believes in Santa. She loves the magic of all things make-believe, and I dread the day when she stops. I also see that she is choosing to believe despite evidence to the contrary (I am waiting for her to figure out that the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and Mom all have the same handwriting). For now, it’s a delight to live with someone who believes in magic. I despise shopping, however, and am definitely on board with online purchasing. Not having to leave my warm dry house and navigate crazy folks helps my December feel way more sane. That, and I start shopping in October. This is where my daughter’s planning nature (did I mention she planned her birthday party 9 months in advance?), and my planning nature (and, as she would say, she has

W ho I nvented S anta C lause ? Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Holiday Traditions

The holidays are full of traditions, and many of these traditions involve making conversation. Depending on who you’re with, conversations can flow like water, or they slosh along like drying cement. If you need a conversation starter for the next office Christmas party, why not consider one of these fun facts? S cary S tories U sed to be a H oliday T radition Andy Williams’ popular Christmas song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” lists a number of common holiday activities, like sledding, hosting parties, and spending time with loved ones. It also includes one activity that seems like it belongs in October, not December: scary ghost stories. If you’ve been confused by this lyric in the past, don’t worry; you didn’t mishear the song. While telling ghost stories might not be the exact holiday spirit you’re going for, in Victorian England, gathering the family together for a spooky ghost story was a Christmas tradition. Today, the practice has all but died out, unless you count Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” or Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

–-Shelly Coffman

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