ministry’s proposed design.” The MoT noted in its email that the overpass was built in 1955 when the county road was part of the original TransCanada Highway network and it was designed with free flow on- and off-ramps and “wide enough to accommodate four lanes of traffic, if nee- ded, but this was never warranted.” The ministry stated that the overpass is now at the end of its “useful service life” and needs replacing. The MoT replacement redesign calls for iOBSSPXFSDSPTTTFDUJPOTuUIBOUIFFYJTUJOH overpass has because future traffic volumes won’t be as great as the original projections for the overpass. The speeds for turning on and off of the overpass will also be reduced to 40 kilometres an hour from the present 50 kph. “T-intersections are common configura- tions across the province at highway off- ramps to county roads,” stated the ministry email. “The intersections are designed to accommodate the type of commercial vehicle traffic that uses the ramps and County Road 17.” The MoT claims that its proposed overpass redesign has the least impact on the natural environment, utilities, neighbou- SJOHQSPQFSUZ BOEUIFBEKBDFOU$/3BJMMJOF The design will also “minimize replacement DPTUTBOE UIFOVNCFSPGTUBHFT SFRVJSFE to complete the work.” The construction timetable has not been determined yet. 5IF5SBOTQPSUBUJPO&OWJSPONFOUBM4UVEZ 3FQPSU 5&43 POUIF)BXLFTCVSZPWFSQBTT becomes available for 30-day public review BOEDPNNFOUGSPN0DUPCFSUP/PWFNCFS 28 through the ministry website at www.

The Ministry of Transportation de- fends its traffic redesign plan for the Hawkesbury overpass as the best solution for the situation despite local government objections. “The ministry has taken the counties’ study very seriously,” stated a ministry SFTQPOTFUPB5SJCVOF&YQSFTTFNBJMRVFSZ “After further review, we have concluded that the safest and most cost-efficient EFTJHO JT UIFNJOJTUSZTFYJTUJOHQSPQPTFE T-intersection.” The Ministry of Transportation (MoT) re- construction plan would replace the on- and off-ramp connection between County Road 17 and Highway 34 with traffic-controlled T-intersections. The United Counties of Prescott-Rus- sell (UCPR), the Town of Hawkesbury, and Champlain Township have all protested the proposal, arguing that it will create future traffic hazard problems. One of the main concerns of the three local governments is that the redesign will not allow enough turning room for tractor- trailer transports or enough time through the traffic-control system for these large vehicles to negotiate a turn at the intersection either on or off the county road. “The ministry understands the United Counties of Prescott-Russell’s concerns,” stated the ministry email. “Ministry staff have met with council members and staff from the UCPR several times over the past year to discuss and listen to their concerns and feedback, and are aware that the UCPR hired their own consultant to review the

Le ministère des Transports de l’Ontario défend son plan de reconstruction du viaduc de Hawkesbury comme étant la meilleure solution au chapitre des couts et de l’impact local, malgré les objections des gouvernements locaux. Le projet prévoit des intersections en T pour remplacer les bretelles d’accès et de sortie entre la route de comté 17 et l’autoroute 34, et les autorités locales craignent que cela n’augmente le risque d’accident.


Les résidents du Canton de Champlain paieront recevront quatre factures d’eau et d’égout en 2021, plutôt que six. — archives


%FDFNCFS CFJOHEVFOPMBUFSUIBO+BOVBSZ 29, 2021. The minimum consumption would increase from 28 cubic metres per two mon- ths to 42 cubic metres per three months. A report presented to council on the impact of the change said the municipa- lity would save $9185 per year from the change. But it also noted the change meant a resident would only be informed of a leak after three months instead of two. Council voted to approve the recommen- dation at the Thursday, October 8, meeting. A bylaw will be brought before the council at UIFOFYUNFFUJOHPO5IVSTEBZ /PWFNCFS

Champlain Township residents will receive four water and sewer bills next year instead of six. The municipality will move from a bimon- thly billing cycle for water and sewer to a RVBSUFSMZDZDMFXIFOBCZMBXJTQBTTFEOFYU month. The change will bring the township into line with other municipalities in Prescott and Russell. Once passed, the current cycle would be backdated to October 1 and run until

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