AHI Newsletter Spring Edition FINAL

Programme Update: BioSecurity

Lorna Citer, Programme Manager

H erd biosecurity continues to be an important component of AHI’s animal health programmes. The biosecurity TWG continues to contribute to the development of programme-based materials on specific aspects of biosecurity which are central to the effective delivery of the Johne’s, BVD and IBR programmes. The Biosecurity TWG met late in 2018 to develop a workplan for 2019 and to receive updates from the project leaders for the Contract Rearing project and the Surveillance, Welfare and Biosecurity of Farmed Animals project. The Contract Rearing project is well advanced with the collection of data from a cohort of farmers identified by Teagasc. The data is to be analysed in the coming months and the findings of the project will form the basis for guidelines on the management of stock on contract rearing farms. As a result of requests from farmers who are participating in the project, the Biosecurity TWG is to develop a short ‘guidance’ document on the biosecurity risks which can occur and ways to minimise the risk of disease introduction onto the contract rearers farm.

The Surveillance, Welfare and Biosecurity of Farmed Animals project is utilising a consortium of research organisations from within Ireland and the UK and is currently planning the detail of the various sub-projects. The recent Calf Management Practices Survey undertaken by Teagasc identified aspects of management practices which could be modified to improve calf health and reduce morbidity. After discussing these findings, the Biosecurity TWG has identified a body of work to develop materials in conjunction with Teagasc and AHI to provide advice on cleaning andmaintaining calf feeding utensils. During this quarter the most recent information leaflet entitled Cattle Vaccination was launched and is available from the AHI website click here . An article relating to Biosecurity and calf rearing was also submitted to the trade journal 'Its Your Field'.


Further information about the incorporation of biosecurity into daily farm management practices biosecurity visit the AHI website, click here .



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