Osborne Clarke LLP brochure 2017/18

What happens on the OC vacation scheme:

Experience real work You will get stuck into real trainee work – with all the support on hand you need from experienced supervisors and trainee buddies. Partner mentoring Group insight sessions One-to-one meetings All our partners and senior lawyers love the opportunity to discuss their practices with interested individuals. You only need to ask! Networking sessions We organise formal lunchtime sessions with partners and lawyers from across the firm as well as an optional informal social schedule. Our open-plan offices mean everyone at every level is approachable. It’s very easy to learn quickly by watching experts in action and through collaboration with other team members. Bespoke training sessions As well as training on topical legal issues, we provide an interactive insight session into wider commercial skills that will help you excel as a lawyer and have a better understanding of law as a business. Training contract interview If you enjoy your placement and we feel that we are the right firm for you, you will be invited to interview for a training contract.

Find out more about our summer vacation programme at joinoc.com/vacscheme

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