Biola Broadcaster - 1953-05


clear expression of the spiritual attitude of these who earnestly desire God's best for their lives. Realizing the responsibility of the Christian to go into all the world with the Gospel, the Bible Institute of Los Angeles is dedi– cated to this all-important task of training young pe~ple for Chris– tian service. For over 45 years men and women such as these have entered BroLA to learn of the Lord Jesus, and gone forth to serve Him in all the world. Remember to pray for them each day, that Jesus Christ may be uplifted in and through their lives.

Here they are, the 132 members of the graduating class of 1953. If space permitted, they could tell you of their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and their desire to live for Him. They could tell you of the way in which God led each of them to BroLA to prepare for His service. They could tell you, too, of the many profitable exper– iences that have been a part of their BrnLA training. And now with graduation almost here they could tell you of the thrill and expectancy they feel as they are about to enter their life's service. The class motto, "His Way Is Perfect" (Psa. 18:30) is a



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