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The SOLANO Monthly October 2018 Edition | Edición de Octubre de 2018

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As you know, September marked the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Between Saturday, Sept. 15, and Monday, Oct. 15, there are countless events and celebrations across the U.S. commemorating Hispanic and Latino heritage. In the last edition of the newsletter, we highlighted a few of those events. With the South’s incredibly rich Hispanic past, you can be sure there will be events just about every day throughout September and October. With all of these events, it’s an opportunity for the whole country to really celebrate Hispanic Americans and the many contributions they’ve made to this country over the years. In many ways, Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder that people of Hispanic and Latino descent play a huge role in making the U.S. great. “No matter the industry, no matter the profession, you will find a Latino individual making a difference. The Latino community is incredible!”

immigrants, have a far-reaching impact on the U.S. economy. Their achievements and contributions reach far and wide. No matter the industry, no matter the profession, you will find a Latino individual making a difference. The Latino community is incredible! It’s a community that is vastly diverse, as well. To say “Hispanic” or “Latino” doesn’t do these folks justice. There are so many countries that share in the Spanish language, but all of these countries and their people have their own identities. To bring this diversity of heritage into the mind of the public is beautiful. It’s an opportunity for both Latino and non-Latino people to come together to celebrate that diversity. Hispanic Heritage Month began last month on Sept. 15 in commemoration of the momentous day in 1821 when five Latin American countries declared independence from Spain. The countries were Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Mexico had previously declared its independence from Spain on Sept. 16, 1810. Two other countries — Chile and Belize — also declared independence in the month of September. Specifically, Chile declared independence from Spain on Sept. 18, 1810, while Belize declared independence from the United Kingdom on Sept. 21, 1981 — a more recent development. At the Solano Law Firm, a majority of our clients are from Spanish-speaking countries. We’re proud to be able to work directly with the Latino community, and we’re proud that we’re able to contribute to the diversity of this country and help Latino families achieve their dreams, adding their names to the long list of immigrants who have helped make this country what it is.

–Zaira Solano

And today, immigrants, as well as first- and second-generation descendants of Latino

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