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by Dr. ^alph L. Keiper

of the most important obliga- tions a believer has when he comes to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, is to master the Word of God. It is in this priceless Book alone that we are able to discern the will of God; the Holy Spirit uses it in order that we might be conformed to the image of our blessed Saviour. Look­ ing at the subject of the Bible: we ought to grow in it, we ought to know it, and we ought to go w ith it!

Peter introduces us to the subject of growing in the Word of God when, under the inspiration of the Holy Spir­ it, he writes, “As newborn babes, de­ sire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby” (I Peter 2:2). Milk makes us think of baby food. At the moment we "find the Saviour, we are spiritual babes. Any infaftt begins with milk before he is introduced, to solid food. The believer must also be (continued on next page)

and is profitable for doctrine, for re­ proof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works” (II Timothy 3:16, 17). If we have “grown” in the Word, if we have made it our business to “know” the Word, then we are able to go for­ ward with it. We should be ready to say with Paul, “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have com­ mitted unto him against that day.” Sin needs to be banished from our lives. Instead of being its victims, we should be its victors. That is the purpose of the ministry of the Word to our hearts. This is thé means by which we receive instruction and guidance. God said to David, “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye.” This is what the Word does for us. Why don’t you make it your business to “grow” and to “know” and to “go” with the Word of God today and all your days? BIOLA AND SOLICITORS From time to time we remind our Mends that we do NOT have solici­ tors who are going from door to door selling such items as candy, cookies, or even Bibles. Sometimes unscrupu­ lous people so represent themselves as coming from the Bible Institute. They prey on pity and emotions. If someone should come to your door who is not a qualified field representa­ tive of the Bible Institute of Los An­ geles, Inc., carrying proper creden­ tials, we sincerely suggest that you call your local police officials and the Better Business Bureau. The Bible In­ stitute of Los Angeles does have field representatives who call in the homes of those who already have signified an interest in the ministry of Biola through letters and gifts to our pro­ grams. We do not have anything to sell nor do we solicit doors in this type of a canvas. Your help and interest in this regard is greatly appreciated. The one thing that we do have in which for you to invest is lives, young lives, dedicated for the Lord's service.

Why Study The Word (cont.) introduced to the milk of the Word. Peter calls it “sincere” milk. This word comes from our fishing industry. We might translate into English the Greek word “sincere” by saying, “desire the milk that has no fishhoooks in it.” When rightly studying the Word of God one is never deceived nor will he ever need to be ashamed, of the Word of God because it has no hooks in it to stick him or to harm him. Everything we find in the Word of God helps us to grow into the likeness of our blessed Lord. From the Greek word for “word” comes our term “logic.” You see, the Bible is logical and as we apply it to our life and principles we will be ready to give an answer to every man that asketh us, a reason of the hope that is in us with meekness and fear (I Peter 3:15). But beyond “growing” ' is “know­ ing”. That is what Peter meant in the words just given. If you and I are to know the Word of God, we must thoroughly love the God of the Word. Again, Peter brings this truth force­ fully to our minds when he declares, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts.” To sanctify the Lord means that we must give Him the priority and preeminence in all things. It has been well said that Christ must be Lord of all or He is not Lord at all. When we respond to questions con­ cerning salvation do we do so in the form of a report, or do -we give a real reason for our faith? So often, I fear, Christians are sadly ignorant of what faith really means. Men and women are hungry today for the Bread of Life. Let us not turn them away with a stone. The answers are not to be given arrogantly or smugly, but with meek­ ness and in a sweet, winsome spirit which is born of the grace of God. This will be true if- we have experi­ enced the reality of salvation and have the assurance in our hearts. The third aspect in the study of God’s Word, is to ‘go” with it. Paul writes to young Timothy, “All scrip­ ture is given by inspiration of God,


T here are several very vital princi­ ples which every child of God needs to employ for proper study of the Word of God. These can be sum­ marized as follows: first, we ought to be willing to obey what we learn; second, we ought to- be willing to clar­ ify what we learn, and third, the best way to learn is to memorize. There are many very wonderful and practical lessons to be learned from the Old Testament on this subject. When Moses died, Israel had to have a new leader. In God’s providence Joshua was chosen for thé post. This man never had led- a great multitude before. God gave him a wonderful mes­ sage concerning Bible study which would stand him in proper stead. “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein, for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” What an interesting piece of psychology God used. It has been well said that the mouth is the billboard of the heart. By taking a concordance we find the many passages showing a direct relationship between the mouth and the mind, and the mouth and the heart. While God didn’t mean that Joshua should con­ tinually quote the Word of God from morning till night, He pointed out that there should be a constant dwelling upon that which is spiritual. Joshua was to be at home in the Word of God by always meditating upon it. Joshua was to study the Word of God not merely to learn or to master it, but in

order that he might observe to do what God has commanded. God gives specific promises in keep­ ing with the command as He declares, “Then thou shalt make thy way pros­ perous, then thou shalt have good suc­ cess.” What encouragement would A CRY FROM AFAR Is it because our skin is dark Our souls are darkened too? White brothers, do you have a Light Our fathers never knew? We heard it whispered there was One Could turn our night to day. It must be that He died. At least He never came our way. We even heard it said that He Could wash us white as snow, If we but knew the way to Him How gladly we would go! Some said that He was lifted up, A light upon a hill, A cross, a crown! O, can it be That Light is shining still? Was it for us as well as you? It cannot be. We know You would not fail— were it for us You would have told us so! White brothers, we whose skin is dark, Whose souls are darkened too, Must we forever plead in vain For light? . . . W E'RE TRUSTING YOU! — Martha Snell Nicholson come to Joshua and to all who follow his example, “Have not I commanded thee, be strong and of a good courage (continued on next page) 5

SQUE" The caravan was two miles long, and nearly every night Some hungry animal got loose; the neighborhood took fright. "They called the husbands from the fields, the children from the schools, Got out the guns, chained up the gates, and hid the woodshed tools, The panic lasted for an hour, then dwindled quickly down, When someone got a message that no circus was in town. The huge parade had not been seen; on all the thoroughfares There was no sign of men and teams, no elephants or bears. "Indignant then, the neighbors sought to find the guilty one Who started such a fable out; it easily was done, For as each questioned each, they found that each one in her way Had added just a bit to what she'd heard somebody say. So when the tale was sifted through, it shriveled-down to where The gray-haired stranger jogged along behind his dumpy mare." really matter if I study the Word? What would happen if I neglected Bi­ ble study?” These questions may sound foolish to those who have a habit of Bible study, however, they are very real. Unless you wish to stay a spiritual dwarf or pygmy, you must study; knowledge of Christ comes in no other way. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself went on record on the subject when He said, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of my­ self.” This is a scientific age, an age of experiments. This statement of the Saviour is a very real experience. In order to do the will of God, you must know it. In order to know the will of God, you must study the Word. God’s transforming power is of such quality that there will be no mistake when we are rightly applying His truths to our hearts and lives.

"RUN " A gray-haired stranger in a cart rode through our town. He drove a dumpy, pony mare, his clothes were faded brown-. He asked the road to Seven Springs; three of us heard him say That he would thank us kindly to be shown the nearest way. He got his information, appreciation showed, Bespoke a pleasant evening, and jogged upon his road. "Now this was positively all; we saw the man no more; But one there was who saw him pass before her open door. And phoning to a friend, she told how this peculiar Man had driven by as if he led a monster caravan. The other soon, phone-visiting, in­ formed another friend About the weird procession that seemed to have no end. "Ere long the phones were ringing from here to Seven Springs, And women folk on every farm were hearing fruitful things. 'Tis said a circus had been wrecked upon the main railway. So it was moving overland to save a great delay. How Should I Study? (cont.) be not afraid, neither be thou dis­ mayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Through tragic experience and fail­ ure David rightly declares, “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee.” “Wherewithall shall a young man cleanse his ways? by taking heed thereto according to Thy Word.” So not only are we to know the Word of God, not only are we to memorize the Word of God, but, so importantly are we to obey the Word of God. When we are armed with the Word of God, then we can answer questions not out of presumption or fear, but rather we can defend our faith in a manner which is pleasing to our heavenly Father. There are some people today, how­ ever, who are skeptical. They ask, “Is this really the Word of God? Does it

Living Like Christ We’re told that the word “Chris­ tian” was first Used as a term of scorn, for it literally means “a little Christ’’ In the days of the early church those who were bold for the faith received the scorn and ridicule of the crowd. Today the word “Christian” has seemed to carry a very loose meaning. It seems to be a catch-all description for anyone who is the least religiously inclined. We need to define our terms and to realize that a Christian is one who by faith has received Jesus Christ as Saviour from sin; and one who is living an exemplary life for the Lord’s glory. Attending Sunday school for the first time, a little girl was so en­ thusiastic when she got home that her mother asked her what she had done. She responded brightly “Oh, we sang some songs in a big room and then we went into a small room where a lady talked to us.” The mother asked, “Did you get her name?” The little girl shook her head. “No, I’m not sure what she’s called, but I think she must be the mother of Jesus, because she talked about Him all the time.” Would to God men and women could think this of us; that our lives might ring so true for the Saviour! * "If we worked for our employer like we serve God, how long would we be able to hold a job?" * * * Waiting Upon God The Word of God tells us that as we wait upon the Lord, He renews our strength. Our encouragement comes not from our own frailities but from the Saviour who indwells our lives through the presence of His Holy Spirit. In a supermarket a man was pushing a cart which, in addition to groceries, contained a screeming, yelling, bellowing baby. The gentle­ man kept repeating softly, “Don’t get excited Albert.” “Don’t scream * *

Albert.” “Don’t yell Albert.” “Keep calm Albert.” The woman standing next to him said, “My, you certainly ought to be commended for trying to soothe your son, Albert.” The man looked at her quizzically and said, “Lady, MY name is Albert!” To find help for ourselves, apart from Christ is only to whistle in the dark. To think that, in an era of unprecedented crises, there is any­ thing which we can do to buoy up ourselves is folly. Listen to God’s Word, “Wait upon the Lord, and again I say, wait upon Him, for our expectation is from God. Fear not, let your hearts be established in the truth of His righteousness.” * * * "We believe in the Bible as it is, for men as they are." * * * Life's Treasures A ll ofus have found pennies, nickels ordimes while walking along. Usually, however, one cent pieces are about all. A young man, while hurrying to work one day, saw a five dollar bill in the street. He picked it up immediately. It was such a shock to him that from that time on he never lifted his eyes while walking. He was always look­ ing for something. Actually, through the course of years, he accumulated 25,916 buttons, 54,172 pins, 12 cents, a bent back, and a miserly disposition. He lost the glory, of the sunlight, and the entire joy of life. Its not money, but the love of money which is the mainspring of all evil. But this poor fellow is not the only person who has gone through life looking down. A ll too many people look to this earth for satisfaction, pleasure, wealth, happi­ ness, and have never really found contentment or peace. Jesus said, “Look unto me, all ye ends of the earth and be ye saved.” How many today need to be brought face to face with the pertinent question, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” 7

The Task Which Is Before Us

by Dr. Charles L Feinberg,] Dean, Talbot* Theological Seminary

(Dedication address for Myers Hall) certain book for Christmas. She said, “I’ll have to read it, for if I don’t they’re sure to ask me if I have.” She did her best to wade through" a portion of it, but finally gave up in despair and threw it to one side. But not long afterwards she began keeping company with a young man who was a writer. “It’s interesting,” she reasoned to him, “that I have a book in my library of which the author’s initials are the same as yours.” When she told him the name of the book, he replied, “That’s no co­ incidence, I wrote that book!” That evening when she returned home, she hurried to find the volume, and by the time she was finished the light was dawning for a new day. She thought it was the most wonderful, intriguing, interesting book she had ever read. What made the difference? It was be­ cause she had fallen in love with the author. The same is true in our study of the Bible! How much it means to know that the Word of God is not only true, but that it is the truth. But the Bible must have a purpose and application; it must be preached and taught. We must live the Scriptures not only be­ cause of what they are, but also because of what they do. Some things are good, but they are “good for nothing.” The Bible isn’t that way. It is good for many things when applied to the sinful human heart. This Word of God makes the heart wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus the Lord. “Being bom-again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word 8

G ob has placed us a divine and sac­ red task. It is to preach, to teach, to transmit, to live, and to witness to the Word of God throughout the ends of the earth. This is the basic purpose for which Biola’s schools were founded. In II Timothy 3:16-4:4, we find the importance of the ministry committed to us. “All Scripture is given by in­ spiration of God!” As was true in the first century of the Church era, so to­ day men are asking, “What is God’s Word?” Some so-called theologians are declaring, “We have to reexamine what Scripture is. We need to ‘rethink’ some of these truths.” We in the five schools of our Incorporation do not believe that it is enough to say that the Bible is inspired. Hundreds of books have been inspired, but they were not the Bible. The authors were inspired of men, some of them of demons and Satan. This Holy Book is the only Bible because it is inspired of God. Holy men of old wrote as they were moved by the Spirit of God. They knew they were not putting down their own thoughts as a personal composition. That is why we constantly read, “Thus saith the Lord!” The Word of God came not by men’s application or by men’s perspiration, but by God’s inspiration. In such peri­ lous times it is the only sure footing. Have you ever tried this on a cold day? Put your face to the window pane and as you exhale you can see your breath on the glass. So as we turn to this Book we can see the breath of God. A young woman had been given a

of God, which liveth and abideth for­ ever.” (I Peter 1:23). The primary purpose of God's Word is to use it in order to lead men to know Christ as Saviour intimately by faith. The Bible is what we must feed upon. It is the pure Word of God. “The Bible is a loaf, each chapter is a slice, and each verse a mouthful and a bite.” Paul reminds Timothy that the Bible is good for correction. Some people go off on a tangent so long that they fail to realize how they destroy the empha­ sis on the Word of Qod. The Scripture is applicable for instruction in right­ eousness. It is like a discipline; it makes for right habits. We begin with teach­ ing and go on to conviction and cor­ rection in righteousness. This occupa­ tion with the Word of God will not eventuate in “lopsided” Christians but in well-balanced, poised children of God, fortified, nourished, and sustained by God Himself. But there is also a great obligation which rests upon us. Look at the first two verses of the fourth chapter. In view of the Lord’s superintendency and oversight, His scrutiny of all of our activities, we are to preach the Word, to make it plain and simple, giving it forth as a good householder would meat in due season. A dear saint who lived in-Old Eng­ land in the times when men had to ask permission to preach, was brought before the bishop. He said, “We under­ stand you are not heeding the rules of our church government. You are preaching Christ too many times!” He replied staunchly, “I am only preach­ ing Him twice.” “Only twice?” was the response. With a smile, the minister replied, “Yes, in season and out of sea­ son.” Then sometimes we must speak with the necessity of reproof and rebuke. People don’t like this today; it is not a popular ministry. You remember how Nathan pointed to David and said, “Thou art the man!” Notice how void of prepositions that sentence is. Ex­ hortation is to be coupled not with getting red around the collar but with

longsuffering. Many preachers rebuke without teaching. Both of these minis­ tries are to be given their proper per­ spective. We are to preach this Word not be­ cause of what it is but because of the responsibility God places upon us. The Lord gives us a warning as to the time when men will not endure sound doc­ trine. Today the very ones we used to look to as the “vanguard,” giving forth the truth in clarity, are now trimming the sails, and toning down the message. They are rethinking rather than re­ affirming the truth. Today men want guides who will indulge them, flatter their pride and human sinful nature. Such preaching does not ultimately lead to a pure morality. It is that which causes one to give heed to fables rather than to higher proofs. Mr. Cunningham served with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in China. While talking with a native he told him that he must trust Christ. But the missionary was told in re­ sponse, “You’ve been here with us for only three days and yet we don’t hear a single thing out of you but Christ; all the time Christ! Why don’t you preach something else?” Without an­ swering his question Mr. Cunningham asked him in return, “What did you eat for breakfast today?” The surprised native shot back, “rice,” “And what did you have for dinner?” he con­ tinued. “Rice,” was the answer. “And how about supper?” “Rice, of course,” he replied in agitation. “Do you mean to tell me you’ve had rice for all three meals?” the missionary said with a friendly smile. “Don’t you get tired of rice, rice, rice?” By now the native was exasperated. “Why no, of course not. Rice is life to us; we could not live without it.” “Even so,” the missionary replied with conviction, “Jesus Christ is life to us; we could not live without Him!” Yes, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correc­ tion, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” 9


M a r v e l s

ip£/A w*:W alter:^W U sb h akdi^

^mrnmmiJim .I Or. TJ^tfS T; fd b o t DR. TALBOT: What in your judg­ ment, are the facts concerning the ori­ gin of this earth? Our children are taught in school that the earth flew off from the sun and then cooled off, and in some peculiar way life began to exist. Just how many folks do sup­ port this theory? DR. WILSON: In all my investiga­ tions, I have found no' evidence of any kind to support this fabrication. All the evidence I have found is quite to the contrary. I will give you some of these evidences: First, there is the law of Physics, that no force both impels and attracts at the same time. If the force of the sun threw the earth off from itself, then what force made it stop at ninety-five million miles away? It could not be any force in the sun, yet we are told that it is the drawing power of the sun that holds the earth where it is. This alone positively refutes and repudiates the original proposition. Then, of course, one would ask, “How long did the earth remain at ninety-five million miles before it began to revolve on its axis and rotate around its orbit, and what made it begin those two mo­ tions?” Here, of course, the atheist has no answer. This earth is full of precious metals —gold, silver, etc. No scientist has ever discovered any light from the sun which revealed the presence of precious

metals in the sun. This again proves that the earth never was at any time a part of the sun. Then the theory that the earth is cooling off is not supported by the facts. All the evidences is that the earth is getting warmer constantly. The heat is increasing in degrees. Deep well and deep mines are getting hotter all the time. Snowfalls and below-freezing temperatures are getting lighter all the time. Deep wells which many years ago were drilled for water and proved to be dry are now producing oil and gas. The reason is that when first drilled there was no heat to distill the beds of animal matter and vegetable matter, turning them into oil and gas. Now the heat is coming so near the surface that it is distilling these beds. We are running our automobiles and firing our furnaces with the products of the fires of Hell. DR. TALBOT: Do you find any indi­ cation anywhere in nature that ani­ mals or plants grow larger, better and more useful with the passing of time? DR. WILSON: No — there is no such evidence. Everything in the world gets worse with age. A fine apple orchard, producing beautiful large luscious apples will deteriorate through the sea­ sons and rather quickly, until the ap­ ples produced are small, poor, wretched things. Only constant attention and care can prevent this deterioration. 10

Large, beautiful tomatoes will remain so only as they are protected and tend­ ed by the gardener — otherwise,, they revert to the small, insignificant and almost useless variety. Animals, too, depreciate in size and value unless they-are properly bred and cared for. Even a human being must receive at­ tention from outside sources. If a baby should be bom to a couple who were University graduates, this little one would grow up to be a wild, senseless, cruel heathen unless that one was sur­ rounded by proper, helpful instruction and good care. Nothing gets better in this life, everything gets worse. DR. TALBOT: Thank you, Dr. W il­ son. Tell us some of the interesting things you have found in nature that would prove to you that there is a personal God directing the affairs of men. DR. WILSON: It will be a pleasure to do so, Dr. Talbot, and there are many such evidences in the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and the mineral kingdom. In the animal kingdom let me men­ tion that the peculiar regularity of the periods of gestation prove conclusively that a living, ominiscient and omnipo­ tent God had complete charge of the formation of life. The eggs of the potato bug are hatched in seven days or one week; the eggs of the canary bird in two weeks; those of the hen in three weeks; those of the duck in four weeks; the eggs of a mallard in five weeks. The ostrich egg, the parrot egg, and the eggs of the alligator are hatched in six weeks. Snake eggs are hatched in seven weeks. Please notice the multiple of seven in all of these cases. The period of gestation for a mouse is two weeks and for a rat three weeks. The period for a cat is eight weeks and for a dog is nine weeks. The horse is made in thirty-nine weeks and the whale in fifty-six weeks. The bear is made in twenty-six weeks and the deer in thirty-two weeks. Human beings are formed ip forty weeks.

You will notice again the regularity in the multiples of the number seven in all these births. In the vegetable kingdom, the seeds of plants which are true original plants and their hybirds occur in even num­ bers. Every cob of com contains an even number of rows, an even number of grains, and an even number of silks in the tassel. When Christ referred to fruitfulness as thirty, sixty, and one hundred fold, He used even numbers because grains grow that way. Every stock of wheat, rye, oats, bar­ ley, millet, or grass seed will be found to contain an even number of seeds. The watermelon has an even number of stripes. The orange and the lemon have an even number of sections. Even the leaves on the branches of a tree are placed there in a regular order which never differs no matter where the tree grows. In the mineral kingdom, we find that salt crystals are always perfect cubes while sugar crystals are never found as cubes. In order to show His love to us, God breaks one of His laws in regard to chemicals. It is well known that heat expands and cold contracts. This is true of practically every known sub­ stance. However, in the case of water which is oxygen and hydrogen, the Lord does a strange thing. Water fol­ lows the general rule, contracting as it grows colder until it reaches 34 de­ grees. At this point, a strange change takes place and the water begins to expand. The colder it gets, the greater it gets. This expansive power is so strong that it will burst concrete or metal without difficulty. God does this for our comfort and care. If water con­ tinued to contract as it froze, the ice would fall to the bottom as it was formed, and in the winter all the lakes, rivers, ponds, etc., would be frozen solid. The fish would be killed, and there would be no water to drink in the summer time. The Lord very gracious­ ly breaks His own law to protect and provide for His own people. All of these phenomena prove the loving care of a personal God. 11

Vi W IT H WORLD CONDITIONS i n g r a v e question, Christian's need to be aware of the fact that doors for mis­ sionary service in some areas of the world are closing. After several years of study and prayerful consideration, Biola plans to bring dedicated .young men and women from foreign coun­ tries, hand-selected by qualified mis­ sion boards, for training at our La Mirada Campus. These potential “fire­ brands” already know the language; trained in God’s truth here at Biola, will be thrust back to their own native lands enabled and equipped to reach their own people for Christ. We can readily see the need of this with the rising tide of both communism and nationalism. Not in recent days has this been highlighted so forcefully, however, as in a first-hand report from one of our Biola graduates serving the Lord in East Africa. It is now proposed by government order that no missionary society shall be allowed to do any mis­ sionary act in regions or places other than those specified in its license. Sec­ ond, they cannot do any missionary act towards any person or persons already „ professing any religion, sect or belief thereof, other than that specified in its license. Third, they cannot bring ujp in any religion or admit to any religious order, any person under the age of 18 years without the consent of his law­ ful guardian. Such consent shall be reduced to writing before a person ap­ pointed for that purpose by the prov­ ince author. Fourth, they cannot adopt, protect, or maintain an abandoned child. In addition, the government will reg­ ulate social activities, collection of mon­ ey for famine and flood relief and sim­ ilar charitable purposes. The holding of land by missionary societies and reg­

ulations of its development and the publication and distribution of papers, pamphlets and booklets will also be regulated. Those who do not follow these edicts are liable for fines and imprisonment. Our Biola graduate has written, “The thing that vitally concerns us is, what affect does all of this have upon our missionary work?” He goes on to re­ port, “Since 1944 our mission has held English classes four days a week. On one day, a half-hour Gospel message is given and tracts are distributed. With the new act, however, witness will have to be completely stopped. Second, in a work among lepers, nominal Mos­ lems, all come under Christian witness daily. The new law will make all of this illegal.” One can readily see how this is one of the most repressive laws against Christianity established outside the Iron Curtain. There is a great and urgent rfeed today for earnest prayer that mission­ aries may be wise as serpents and harm­ less as doves. As an added program of missionary advance, “Operation: Fire­ brand” will train native workers on whom such restrictions as foreign mis­ sionaries have experienced have not been placed. We purpose to train born- again young men and women from foreign lands, citizens of these coun­ tries which are rising up in national­ istic spirit. But Biola cannot do it alone for our donations barely begin to cover expenses of training the present grow­ ing student body. This project is placed before the Lord as a program of faith development. Will you pray about it? Then as God speaks to your heart, write to “The Bible Institute Hour”, Los An­ geles 17, California. Spiritual dividends will be received as you invest in help­ ing to train foreign students for “Op­ eration: Firebrand.” 12

H ave you ever wondered why our blessed Lord prayed? I have. Es­ pecially when you think of Him as the second person of the Trinity. When you realize that He, with God, brought the world into creation. He is the very Author of our salvation. All the won­ derful things we have were given to us by Him. He knows the end from the beginning. He is omniscient. In the study of the Gospels we discover that the Lord prayed when He was here walking visibly with men. He prayed in the morning. He prayed at noon. He prayed in the evening. In fact on several occasions He prayed all night. He prayed with His disciples. He prayed with the multitudes. He prayed alone. But why did our Lord Jesus pray? Paul, in writing to the Philippians mentioned how the Lord came into the world. It was not so much in the role of the Son of God, though God He al­ ways was, but rather He came to play the role of the perfect Son of man. “Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputa­ tion, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the like­ ness of men: And being found in fash­ ion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” (Phil. 2:6-8) When Christ came to earth, He made Him­ self of no reputation. This can best be illustrated by one of our military terms. When our Lord Jesus came among men, He did not pull His rank as though a colonel or a general had decided to be among the privates. He doesn’t pull His rank. He is one of them. This is exactly what our Lord Jesus did when He came to earth. As a servant of God, he first became poor that we rnight be made rich. He was bom in a borrowed manger, and died in a borrowed tomb. He came not to do His own will but that of the Father; He was totally de­ pendent on Him. This is one of the prime reasons why you and I are to pray. So often we become overly de­ pendent upon our heavenly Father; (continued on next page) 13

by Dr. Ralph L. Keiper Evangelical Foundation Philadelphia, Penn.

Featured speaker for the Torrey Memorial Bible Conference

Why Jesus Prayed (cont.) without Him we can dò nothing. John 5:30 gives us another reason why the Lord Jesus prayed. Not only did He come to be the Servant of men, but He depended wholly upon the Fa­ ther, for everything He needed while here. The Lord Jesus Christ could have done His own will, especially since it would have been perfect, but He chose not to do it. He came not to do His own will; He came to do the will of the Fa­ ther. He did the will of the Father, and thus, when He went to prayer, as the perfect Son of Man, He sought the Father’s will. Thè second reason you and I should pray is not because we are dependent upon the Father alone, but being dependent on the Fa­ ther we want to seek His will. How WHERE IS OUR FAITH? If our nation is repentant, turns to God in her despair, And we seek the Lord in earnest, in humility and prayer. Then He will deliver, and our nation He will spare. But if we persist in sinning, He will never answer prayer. When Israel was right with God they never feared the foe For God always gave them victory wherever they did go. But when there was sin within the camp, they had no power to stand. For God cannot take part in sin, evil He will not defend. And He has never changed since then, He is just the same today, He has all power in heaven and earth and Him we must obey. Minnie Thompson often our Lord said, “Not my will but thine be done.” There is also a third reason why our Lord prayed. In John 4 we recollect the experience with our Lord Jesus with the woman at the well. After the miraculous interview she went into the city to get her friends, and the disciples appeared upon the scene. Jesus said, “My meat is to do the will of Him

that sent me.” Our Lord Jesus, in order to do the Father’s will, found life diffi­ cult. He took the rejection of men. The reproaches that were meant for God fell upon Him. The greatest thing of all was the cross. No one likes to die; no one likes to be crucified. Our Lord Jesus even said, “Lord deliver me from this hour, but for this hour came I. into "GO " Hear your commission, O Church of the Masted- Friends and disciples of Jesus, take heed. How are ye doing the work of the Father? How are ye caring for hunger and need Go — to the sheep that are scattered and fainting, Having no shepherds, and tell them to come; Go to the highways and tell every creature Still the feast waiteth and yet there is room. Go — the time shortens, the night is approaching, Harvests are whit'ning and reapers are few, Somewhere, perhaps, in the darkness are dying Souls that might enter the Kingdom with you. Go — Church of Christ, for He goeth before you. And all the way that ye take He doth know. On the bright morrow He'll say, "Come, ye blessed;" But till the dawning the message is, "Go!" Annie Johnson Flint the world; Thy will be done.’.’ You and I ought to pray, not only because we’re dependent upon God, not only because we seek God’s will, but that we might have the strength to do it even when that will leads us into situations which we do not like. This is why Jesus praye'd and may we pray even as He did. 14

T he miracles of God’s grace as re­ revealed toward His children are too numerous to mention. But we be­ lieve there is no greater evidence of His love, His care and His provision for His own than that which is mani­ fested in the rather phenomenal move of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles to the spacious 75-acre campus at Lai Mir­ ada. The campus is located twenty miles away from the heart of down­ town Los Angeles, and in the center of one of the greatest population-growth areas in the country today. It was in 1952 that the conviction was laid upon the hearts of some of us that the future of BIOLA could better be served by our locating on a campus than by remaining in the extremely congested conditions existing in the downtown location. A great deal of prayer ascend­ ed to the Throne of Grace from the hearts of the Board of Directors and administration concerning such a po­ tential move. Should such a move be made? If so, where could the new lo­ cation be found that would best serve the interests of the school? What about the employment of the students, approximately 80% of whom must earn all or a major portion of their own way through school? What locality could be found that could ab­ sorb the employment of eight hundred to one thousand students? What about the Christian service assignments of the students? Downtown Los Angeles is the very hub of the vast metropoli­ tan area of Southern California. Stu­ dents go out from that hub into all areas of Southern California for their weekly Christian service assignments. Any location to which the school might move would necessarily eliminate many of the churches on the opposite side of the city. Would there be enough available churches to absorb the stu­

dents who have weekly Christian serv­ ice assignments which are a required and vital part of their training? The Board of Directors had decreed years before that the school would nev­ er go into debt. It was all we could do to make ends meet at the downtown location without going into a multi- million-dollar campus building pro­ gram. Should we revise our thinking and borrow to build? These and a mul­ titude of other questions and problems confronted the BIOLA Board. The more we prayed and the more we talked, the greater became the conviction that the Lord would have us launch out- on such an expansion program. But it was de­ termined by the Board that the school would not go into debt. In other words, the money must be in hand before land was to be purchased or buildings erected. A vacant lot across the street from the 558 South Hope Street ad­ dress had been purchased ten years previously with the thought that some day the school would need to expand and it was the only way the school; could expand and remain at the old location. When it was decided to move to a campus, the lot was put up for sale. At that very time a large oil company was planning to build on ad­ joining property and the company wanted the lot. Part of the purchase price included acreage in the south part of Los Angeles. The sale of the lot plus the sale of the acreage brought a sum over seven times the amount originally paid for the downtown lot. It was this money which was used to buy 75 acres of land which had been selected as the new BIOLA site. The property was in the heart of La Mira­ da, “the one hundred and fifty million- dollar planned city” which was just, then beginning to come into existence. (continued on next page) 15

made. One after another the buildings were erected until today we have seven ma­ jor buildings in operation and a num­ ber of others smaller in size, but in their way equally important, because they too are serving the purposes of the school. The ground is cleared and lev­ eled for practically all of the other ma­ jor buildings yet to be constructed. One of the most comprehensive and effec­ tive athletic facilities to be found in any college of comparable size in the country has been developed both for physical education as well as intra­ mural and inter-collegiate athletic ac­ tivities. The cost for land, site develop­ ment and buildings, to date, approxi­ mates three million dollars; and it is all paid for. Furthermore, the school has been operating “in the black” so that today it is still the policy of the school Board and administration not to go into debt. We who are privileged to work on the campus frequently stand on some vantage point and as we view what has been accomplished during these past few years, we very joyfully yet humbly exclaim, “See what the Lord hath wrought!” In addition to the physical plant which has been constructed, significant academic progress likewise has been made. The school is now a member of the Western College Association which carries with it accreditation. With the accreditation that we also have in the Accrediting Association of Bible Col­ leges, BIOLA enjoys as satisfactory ac- ceditation as may be found in any school in the country. With all of these developments that have taken place during the past few years, I am very happy to be able to announce that the spiritual emphases of the school are exactly the same to­ day as they were at the time of the founding of this institution so honored of God. We live in a changing world. The physical and academic develop­ ments of the school have been accom­ plished in an effort to meet the needs of the present day. But we are also deeply cognizant of the fact that the Word of God abideth forever. There is 16

Progress at Biola (cont.) The plan was to sub-divide 25 acres and retain a 50-acre campus. Through a rapid series of very evident leadings of •the Lord, it was possible for the school to acquire a total of 160 acres, to resell 85 acres at a very substantial profit, and yet retain a 75-acre cam­ pus. At the same time a “Vision and Ven­ ture” campaign was inaugurated to raise funds for the building of the new campus facilities. Some of the plans put into effect were non-productive. But the Lord blessed in a most remarkable man­ ner and hundreds of thousands of dol­ lars poured in from multiplied thou­ sands of friends of BIOLA who gave most generously in order to see the vis­ ion and venture brought to a glorious victory. The stories that came to us telling of the sacrifices on the part of so many in order that they might have a part in the new campus project was a continuing source of blessing, en­ couragement and challenge to our hearts to push ahead as rapidly as pos­ sible and at the same time to make the dollars thus given go as far as possible. It was during this time also that several very substantial estates came to the school. These were used for the campus developmental program. All of this was in addition to the gifts that came in for the carrying on of the regular school program at the down­ town location. It was a rather monu­ mental task, to say the least, to take an area of beautiful, rolling country orchard land and fashion it into a well-ordered, efficient campus. It took years of planning, arranging and rer arranging. But finally, in 1957, just three years after the campus campaign actually started, ground was broken for the first and as yet the largest of the campus buildings. Problems loomed large; frustrating delays occurred. There were times when some almost despaired of ever actually having a campus. But as we look back upon the events of the years of campus building we can realize the hand of the Lord in the delays as well as in the progress

no change there. And the message that we have to proclaim is the same as it has always been. We believe in the great foundation truths that are taught in the Word of.God, such as the in­ fallibility of the Bible. This is God’s Word. We believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not believe for a moment that there are various interpretations concerning the virgin birth that are acceptable. It is either a fact or not a fact, and we take our stand upon the deep-rooted convic­ tion that Jesus Christ was bom of the virgin, -Mary, even as it is so clearly recorded in the Word of GodfWe be­ lieve, furthermore, in the miracles of the Bible exactly as they are presented to us. We make no effort to explain them away in any way whatsoever, but we accept them exactly as they are re­ corded, recognizing the fact that the miracles represent divine intervention in human affairs and entirely apart from the laws that we know anything about or that we can appropriate for our own use. We believe the’miracles that are recorded in the first chapters of Genesis and we believe them ex­ actly as they are recorded. We make no effort whatever to “water down” the early chapters of the book of Genesis by teaching the ideas of theistic evo­ lution or threshhold evolution or any other such imaginings of the human mind. Furthermore, we believe in the vicarious atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ wrought out on Calvary’s cross. He did not die as an example or as an ideal; He died as a substitute in our place so that we, through faith in Him, might not perish, but have ever­ lasting life. We also believe in the bodily resurrection of our Lord. After He was buried, He arose again the third day. He arose with His resurrec­ tion body which will be His through­ out eternity. We who are Christians likewise one day will receive our res­ urrection bodies, fashioned like unto His glorious body and all heaven will be our future and eternal heritage. Furthermore, we believe that one day Christ is coming again to receive His own unto Himself. The Word of God

in completely unmistakable terms gives us this glorious promise, “This same Jesus which was taken up into heaven shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). We believe in a separated life, separated from the things of the world which drag down and debase, and sep­ arated unto the Lord so .that we live from day to day as in His presence em­ powered by the Holy Spirit, trusting Him for guidance necessary to over­ come the world, the flesh and the devil. And in spite of the evil inclinations of the world and the extremely dis­ turbing trends that are to be found in so many Protestant churches today, it is our conviction that we are not to be conformed to the world but rather to be transformed by the renewing of our minds that we might prove out what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God for our lives. We are still in the business of preparing young people for the Lord’s service as He leads and directs; and young peo­ ple are coming in increasing numbers in order that they might obtain what BIOLA has to offer. Concerning the future, may I say that certainly we do not consider that we have completed the developmental program of the school in any way whatever. A number of buildings sore­ ly needed must yet be erected. We need additional dormitories, both for men and for women; we need another class­ room building, an auditorium, a gym­ nasium. But as we see what has been accomplished already, it is our convic­ tion that He which hath begun a good work . . . will surely bring it to a glorious consummation in His own good time and in His way. Your continuing prayers and fellow­ ship with us in the furthering of the Gospel by means of training these thou­ sands of young people in the years that lie ahead as the Lord tarries will be appreciated more than we can tell. Indeed, eternity alone will reveal the significant part that you have through this ministry in the salvation of pre­ cious souls and in building up of saints in our most holy faith. 17

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