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AMERICA MARTIN Born: Los Angeles, California. 1980.

““ I dream in color. I see the world as beautiful, so much to be learned and celebrated. Like a diary, the things I am drawn to find their way into my work. When painting, I listen to the bluesy jazz of Eric Dolphy - lyrical lines turn more abstract, female forms begin to expand, feet and bottoms grow wide, bold, and foundational.

My favorite things find their way into the art I make, through color harmony and composition. The cheerful sun in the sky. The flowers and vines that I grow. The books I read, places to be traveled, the way dogs bark and children laugh. The joy that I find in the people I know and the people I haven’t met yet. I am an artist; my name is America Martin.” America Martin is a Colombian-American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. This is her fifth solo show at TEW Galleries and one of seventy during the last nineteen years, adding to her ever-growing reputation as someone to be watched. Martin’s desire to capture the essence of humanity and nature is central to her engaging work. To underscore how important it is, she refers to herself as a painting anthropologist . Nevertheless, she deals with the same problems that have obsessed painters throughout time—arresting movement, exploring the expressive potential of human form, and arranging bodies in space in novel ways. In an age where contemporary art means experimental media, high theory, controversy, conceptualism, and politics, Martin sets herself apart through her interest in figuration and dialoguing with the past. In fact, her lyrical line, refined color, and sensuous forms may be considered nostalgic by some. After one look at her paintings, drawings, and sculpture, we are clear that she is anything but outdated.

425 Peachtree Hills Ave NE, #24. Atlanta, GA 30305 / Tel: 404.869-0511 /

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