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A banking data revolution Find out how the revolutionary bank statement data platform by LendingMetrics can help you make better lending decisions today!

Frequently Asked Questions What can OBV do? OpenBankVision provides fully categorised bank statement data, in real-time. It can confirm salary to bank account, and produces reports that allow you to analyse your customers’ spending habits. Using OBV, you can see first-hand what the customer earns and spends, and spot problems such as trou- blesome gambling habits. Can I customise the customer journey? Absolutely. Alongside our standalone version, we also offer an integrated option that is fully customisable to your brand- ing. This means your consumer journey will be as smooth as possible.

How can OBV improve customer relationships? Adopting Open Banking as a more trusted gateway is result- ing in more positive relationships with customers, who must give consent for access to be granted, thus resulting in increased trust and maintained customer loyalty. Can OBV predict the future? Unfortunately not, but it can allow you to analyse your cus- tomers’ spending habits and flag up any recurring problem spending. The award-winning platform comes with a decade of credit risk decisioning experience, which means we know how to provide the right bank transaction data.

22 | Metrics Monthly

Q1 | 2022

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