King's Business - 1919-07

Bible Institute ofLosAngeles (IN CO R PO R A T ED ) LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U. S. A. Free Training School for Christian Workers


R. A. Torrey, vice-president Leon V. Shaw, treasurer W illiam Evans

Lym an Stewart, president J. M. Irvine, secretary T. C. H orton, superintendent H . A. Getz N athan DOCTR INAL W e hold to the H istoric Faith of the of Evangelical Christendom and including: The T rinity of the Godhead. The D eity of the Christ. The Personality of the H oly Ghost. The Supernatural and Plenary authority of the H oly Scriptures. The U nity in D iversity of the Church, the Body and Bride of Christ. The Substitutionary Atonement.


J. O. Smith

STATEMENT Church as expressed in the Common Creed

The N ecessity of the New B irth. The M aintenance of Good W orks.

The Second Coming of Christ. The Im m ortality of the Spirit. The R esurrection of the Body. The Life Everlasting of Believers. The Endless Punishm ent of the Im penitent. The Reality and Personality of Satan. T H E WORK free of cost, accredited men and women, in the



The Institute trains, knowledge and use of the Bible. D EPARTM ENTS : O) The Institute Classes held daily except on Saturdays and Sundays. (2) Extension work. Classes and conferences held in^ neighboring cities and towns. (3) Evangelistic. M eetings conducted by our evangelists.^ (4) Spanish W ork. Personal w ork am ong Spanish speaking people. (5) Shop W ork. Regular services in shops and factories. (6) Jewish Evangelism . Personal w ork among the H ebrews and mission for Jews. (7) Bible W omen. House-to-house visitation and neighborhood classes. (8) Oil Fields. A mission to men on the oil fields. (9) Books and T racts. Sale and distribution of selected books and tracts. (10) H arbor W ork. F o r seamen at San Francisco harbor. (11) The Biola H all. D aily noon m eetings for men in the down-town district, with free reading-room privileges. Evangelistic service every evening. (12) P rin t Shop. F o r printing Testam ents, books, tracts, etc. A complete establish­ m ent, profits going to free distribution of religious literature.

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