Focus on Redmond - Fall 2018

Volume XXXII No. 3 Fall 2018


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Saturday, September 15

Thompson Family shares thoughts on Downtown Life with the Mayor

Sound Transit Update


our community more often. What’s your favorite thing about living in Downtown Redmond? Balance of residential, retail, and green space. Downtown is walkable, and there is something for every age. Have you discovered any unexpected benefits to living Downtown? Driving less was the immediate win. With the great weather, we have been outside almost every evening doing some activity as a family — even just a picnic blanket in the park has been fun! What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve seen Downtown? I love when we go to a park, and there are ten or so cultures represented. Seeing all the kids running around playing together is special. Do you find yourself walking and biking more since you moved to the Downtown neighborhood? Yes, we are walking more with the nice weather (we will see how the rain affects us later). A standard evening for us is a walk to Redmond Town Center to play in the fountain and

The long-time vision for Downtown

City Budget Process


Redmond was to create a vibrant urban center where people can live, work, and play, while preserving and protecting our existing single family neighborhoods. You’ve seen the changes in Downtown Redmond, but have we achieved these goals? I asked the Thompson family about their experience living in Downtown Redmond with their twin boys, and here’s what they shared. How long have you lived in Redmond? Thompson Family: We’ve lived in the Redmond area for ten years and moved to Downtown Redmond two months ago. Why did you choose to move to Downtown Redmond? Living in the area, we always came downtown for our shopping, work, and special events (Derby Days, Redmond Saturday Market, etc.). We moved into Downtown Redmond to be close to everything we were already a part of, as well as to save time on driving and to connect with Mayor John Marchione

Parks & Recreation


then a pit stop on the way back home to roll down the hill at “Signals” park. What are your kids’ favorite things to do in Downtown Redmond? Our twin toddlers like the Redmond Town Center fountain, rolling downhill at “Signals” park, seeing the construction sites with the big cranes and excavators, and riding bikes on the trails. Where is your favorite place in Downtown Redmond for: Coffee? We are probably the only people in the area that don’t drink coffee! Baked Goods? Hoffman’s

Dining Out? Noodleland

Thanks for sharing a little about your experience living in Downtown Redmond. We are glad you are here!

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