Brett T. Immel and Preston Despenas, took Mark Cuban’s advice to win by “outworking, and outlearning every- one else” to heart, and made it a secret motto. They are serious guys who really love digging deep into the data, and integrating as standard practice, what others might put off as luxury. WHAT IS YOUR PROPERTY MANAGEMENTAPPROACH? The portal provides clients 24/7/365 access to all their documents, financial data, and performance. With local boots on the ground, and an elite team at our Chicago HQ, investors get the best management, with one dedicated point of contact,” boasts Preston Despenas. “For individuals that don’t want to be looking back and kicking themselves for missing out, not just on profitable

PARTNERINGWITH EXPERTS Specialized real estate investment groups can offer comprehensive services to make both the initial and long-term investment in real estate sim- ple and user-friendly for self-directed investors. These firms handle every- thing from market analysis to building permits and future maintenance. Often times, the firms buy or build properties in bulk at a discount achieved through research, relationships and years of expertise in the field. In addition to providing inventory, they enlist a proper maintenance and management team. There’s something a little different about the two found- ers of this real estate investment firm. Don’t expect to be blasted with highly caffeinated, over-the-top sales pitches when you meet them. Somewhere along the line you can imagine the Senior Partners at Growth Equity Group;

ABOUT GROWTH EQUITYGROUP NAMES: Brett T. Immel and Preston M. Despenas

COMPANY: Growth Equity Group, LLC, Chicago, IL.


PHONE: 866-904-3336

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial objectives by serving as their self-direct- ed IRA real estate investment partner. WHAT MARKETS DO YOU INVEST IN : Right now we set our sights on three specific markets: college towns, emerg- ing markets, and urban markets. The absolute most important insight we look for is whether this market has jobs; jobs are the greatest determining factor for jumpstarting a great local economy. Cur- rently we are heavily invested in Texas, Omaha, Virginia, and Chicago. HOW IS GROWTH EQUITY GROUP LOOK- ING TOWARD THE FUTURE: At Growth Equity Group, we envisioned a seamless approach for the investor. So, we made the buying process as clear-cut as pos- sible. We walk every client through each deal personally. Our property manage- ment portal makes it easy for investors to log in and check on the status of their property, submit documents, review rent collection, and contact a portfolio profes- sional at GEG. WHY IS GEG DIFFERENT: We are one of the few investment companies that op- erate in the self-directed IRA space that offers non-recourse financing on every property we have in our inventory.

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