attorney in San Antonio. They credit Maas’ teaching them the fundamentals of acquiring and flipping distressed properties—and his showing them how to turn a profitable deal and then providing ongoing support—with their own success. As of the beginning of 2016, they had done six deals. “For somebody just starting out, that’s awesome,” Tamara said. EVERYBODYNEEDSA HELPING HAND Maas himself gained much of his success by learning from the advice of others who had invested before him. His first deal—netting him $13,500 in profit on an out-of-pocket ante of about $2,000—“kind of fell” into his lap, Maas said. “And I thought, ‘Boy, oh boy, this is easy. I’m going to always do this.’” But then—nothing. “I don’t think I did another deal for six months,” Maas said. “I didn’t know where to find the deals.” Until he found someone who agreed to teach him. “I learned so many things from doing that first deal with my mentor,” Maas said. “I learned how to hire the contrac- tors. I learned how to find the sellers. I learned how to ‘paper up’ the deal, and I made decent money on that deal.” Now Maas is returning the favor through teaching others—and, he said, “Every time I do a deal, I am learning something new, something to keep building my skill set.” For a fee, Maas provides an inten- sive, three-day, hands-on, individual class to teach how to find and suc- cessfully flip distressed properties. That is followed up with six months of coaching and guidance through every transaction. The fee can be recouped— as it was by the Tijerinas—when the

That’s the premise of Think Realty, a central place for networking, edu- cation, legal advocacy, current and archived information and how-tos, member-only discounts and access to a global network of service providers, among other benefits. Such a resource didn’t exist when Tamara and Jesse Tijerina began their real estate investing career in earnest in February 2015. Instead, they found a mentor in Victor Maas, a well-known and successful real estate investor and

NOOVERNIGHT SUCCESS Of course, this didn’t happen by magic. As anyone who’s being honest about real estate investing will tell you, it’s not necessarily so difficult, but it does take commitment. And a never-give-up attitude. First, however, it requires knowl- edge and the tools to get started. And just as important, it requires that those tools and resources continue, because there’s always something new to learn—and share.

52 | think realty magazine | mar :: apr 2016

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