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But as a member of the Think Realty “family,” we can make a much bigger im- pact and help build an evolving archive of information and resources for you. The idea behind Think Realty is to bring together, in a central location, the many varied and interlocking resources an investor needs to be successful. In other words, ALL the pieces of the puzzle known as real estate investing. Content is just one of those pieces, which also include education, advocacy, networking, access to services and supplies, exposure to global markets and more. Lacking even one can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Membership in the Think Realty organization ensures you have it all: a subscription to this maga- zine, both in print and in digital format; access to RE Rights, our legal advocacy arm; discount pricing on goods and services through the Community Buying Group; networking and support via PREIMA; admis- sion to Think Realty’s regional expos and global con- ference; and access to a growing, dynamic archive of articles, tips and how-to information. Other benefits will be added as the portal continues to develop. More detail about Think Realty and why it can be a dif- ference-maker for you can be found beginning on Page 46. There’s also more information at We think you’ll agree it’s in everyone’s best interests. •


new name— Think Realty Magazine — to reflect the increased opportunities now available to help you grow your real estate investing pursuits. Our new name only further solidifies our

mission, which is and always has been to provide you with interesting, relevant and valuable content you can directly apply toward becoming a more successful and profitable real estate investor or service provider. To that end, we report on issues and trends—such as this month’s look at senior housing as an emerging asset class—interview industry leaders about what’s current in their areas of expertise, profile individuals and companies whose best practices can enlighten your own operations and provide case studies with useful how-to instruction. Perhaps the most valuable of all are the informational articles from your colleagues and peers who willingly share their knowledge and experiences so that you have an easier road to travel than they did. That is all in the interest of ensuring adherence to high standards and ethics and of moving the entire industry forward through a collective success. Of course, we can’t provide everything you need to know on a given subject or specific strategy in any single, individual issue of this magazine.


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