strangers, so they will invite you, a com- plete stranger, to their home. That’s a big mountain to climb. You have to understand the impor- tance of this call and the importance of building rapport in this limited amount of time. Ultimately, you want them to be so comfortable with you, and feel you have listened to them and understand them, that they will invite you to their house. THE HOUSE You cannot help them until you can get to the house, see the property and under- stand them and their situation. Remem- ber, you cannot buy that house until you get to the house, so you can make the NO. 3 GET INVITED TO

offer and ultimately purchase it. You have to get to the point where you ask for the appointment. Ask them: “Well, when would be a good time or day for me to come by?” Then be quiet and listen again. You’ve got to connect with them. And you have to connect over the phone— which is something unique about our business as real estate investors. People cannot come into our offices or our retail stores and say, “Hey, I have a house to sell. Can I sit down across from you at a table and tell you about me and my house?” It’s a great challenge. When you answer that phone for that incoming lead, make sure there is a smile on your face and then keep that smile on your face as you talk to them.

WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE ON THE CALL AND WHY In my opinion, this is very important: Do NOT ask about loan amounts. This could be pretty controversial because many investors won’t agree, but I don’t ask if they have a mortgage or how much they owe on the house. I don’t do that at risk of overqualifying that lead or

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Kevin Guz is a HomeVestors franchisee in Dallas and a real estate entrepreneur involved in all aspects of business venture startup and expansion, real estate invest- ment, asset procurement, wholesaling,

repurposing, retailing, financing and property man- agement. You can listen to him at www.blogtalkradio. com/kevinguz/.

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