Parents sometimes hesitate to impose rules against underage drinking or even to discuss drinking with their teens. Maybe they are embarrassed or assume their son or daughter is not at risk.

Are You Making That Assumption?

Read the Real Facts:

According to data from a Monitoring the Future na- tional survey, about 75% of teens try alcohol outside the home before graduating from high school.

My son or daughter is not interested in drinking.

About 33% of high school seniors have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days.

My teen’s friends are good kids who do not drink alcohol.

Although most teens do learn about alcohol in their health classes, research shows that many important issues never get covered. School programs alone are not enough to stop teens from drinking. Unfortunately, the reality is that many teens at this point in their lives are still uninformed about how powerful a drug alcohol can be.

My son or daughter has learned about the negative effects of alcohol in school.

At this point, my son or daughter should know better.

Leading national surveys reveal that parents are the number one source that teens turn to for important information. Parents can influence their teen’s decision not to drink alcohol.

My son or daughter won’t listen to me at this point.


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