Your teen might also consider: ࡟ Offering an alternative, like “I’d rather have soda.” ࡟ Making an excuse, like “I have a test to study for tomorrow.” ࡟ Having an explanation, like “I really just don’t like the taste.” ࡟ Changing the subject. Encourage your teen to think of short, yet effective, responses. If your teen decides on “one-liners” beforehand, he or she will be prepared for an uncomfortable situation that might arise.

Alternatives: Encourage your teen to find other ways to celebrate positively. Options might be: ࡟ Shopping for something special (e.g., clothes, music, sporting goods). ࡟ Having an outing, such as dinner, that would include a few special friends. ࡟ Offering to have friends over for a party (without alcohol).

It’s a fact Anyone who has been drinking cannot accurately tell how drunk he or she is.

FINDING ALTERNATIVES TO DRINKING Some teens have “positive” reasons (from their perspective) for why they might choose to drink. Help teens think of other ways to achieve similar goals. Positive reason: Celebrate Some teens believe that drinking helps celebrate a special occasion.


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