CHOOSING FRIENDS Friendships are very important to teens, and teens typically spend more and more time with friends. Parents need to know who their teens are spending time with and what their teens are doing on a daily basis. You can also encourage your teen to have healthy friendships. Talk with your teen about the true meaning of friendship. True friendship is not based on superficial things like money, looks, popularity, or being with someone who is “cool.” True friendship is based on mutual respect, caring, understanding, trust, and concern. Real friends want to keep their friends safe and well. When you discuss the meaning of friendship together, you’ll help your teen think about choices. You can also help your teen avoid risky choices by monitoring his or her activities.

Teach Good Problem Solving Help your teen practice these problem - solving skills: ࡟ Notice a problem. ࡟ Identify possible actions that might solve the problem. ࡟ Gather information about the pros and cons of each possible action. ࡟ Carefully examine the pros and cons, and select one option that seems best. ࡟ Carry through on the decision.

Keep tabs on your son or daughter to help your teen avoid dangerous, high-risk situations.


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