It is illegal for teens to drink alcohol, and it is illegal for teens to drink any amount of alcohol and drive. An underage drinker might not feel tipsy or drunk and decide it’s okay to drive after drinking. However, this is extremely dangerous. Even with small amounts of alcohol, teen drivers are more likely to be in a crash than older drivers after drinking. Drinking and Driving Most teens have a “here and now” perspective. They need your help to understand all of the short-term and long-term consequences of driving under the influence.

Coach your teen about roadway hazards and safe driving principles. Ride in the car together and see how your teen is driving. Driver education classes are just the beginning.

Discuss the Possible Outcomes Legal outcomes

Physical Outcomes Damage to car or other’s car

Being charged with purchasing, having, or drinking alcohol underage; being charged with driving under the influence


Personal injury—from minor to life-altering—and/or injuring others Sexual assault, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases Death—of you, someone you love and/or another person Damage to property or other’s property

Car insurance rates could go up (unaffordable insurance may then prevent keeping a car) Reduced college options, due to admission policies; suspension from sports or clubs Alcohol citation may stay on legal record, depending on local regulations (For a list of laws in your state, visit

License could be revoked / Jail time


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