Marijuana and Youth Young people's brains continue to develop until their mid-20s. As a result, marijuana affects them differently than adults. Research has shown teens who use marijuana are more likely to report decreases in brain volume, poorer attention, verbal skills, and self-regulatory behaviors. According to research, here are some of the reasons teens have told us why they use marijuana ࡟ To get more of a high (“cross-faded”) ࡟ To relax or reduce stress. ࡟ To counteract the effects of drinking (e.g., reduce spinning, vomiting, headache) ࡟ Coping strategy (e.g., trouble in personal life) ࡟ Social anxiety. ࡟ Peer pressure: Friends combine alcohol and marijuana. ࡟ To increase the effects of alcohol. ࡟ It feels good. Not all teens use marijuana, and here are some reasons they told us they don't ࡟ To avoid greening out (where they get so high they pass out). ࡟ Loss of control. ࡟ Sick feeling (e.g., nausea, vomiting). ࡟ It makes them feel anxious.

࡟ It makes their heart race. ࡟ It makes them feel paranoid. ࡟ They have responsibilities. ࡟ It makes them feel tired the next morning. ࡟ It may lead to poor decisions. ࡟ It makes it difficult to do well in school. ࡟ Marijuana is illegal in ALL states for individuals under 21.


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