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PRANKS AND POPCORN Memories From Halloweens Past

I grew up in Las Vegas in the good old days, when people still knew their neighbors, long before you ordered Halloween costumes on the internet (computers weren’t even around yet). On Halloween, if you were older than 5, your parents sent you and your siblings out to say the magic words, “trick or treat,” and the neighbors miraculously produced candy. We dressed in classic costumes — Superman, princess, pirate — and brought pillowcases to hold our loot. One Halloween, my parents thought it would be a great idea to fill bags with homemade popcorn and give them out to kids instead of candy. Now, it would never happen today, but this was a time when neighbors gave out brownies, cookies, and homemade caramels — treats that they actually made themselves. So, my parents’ idea of popcorn wasn’t out of place. And kids went crazy for it! You could smell the butter wafting down the street. My siblings and I were in another part of the neighborhood, and when we got back to our house, there was a line out the door! At one point, my parents actually ran out of popcorn, but instead of turning off the porch light and calling it a night, my dad went to the store and got more. Our house was the most popular one on the block that night. We moved to California when I was in fifth grade, and as I got older, I enjoyed the trick part of Halloween a lot more. I’ll admit it; I was a bit of a troublemaker and enjoyed a good prank. One Halloween, when I was in high school, I invited some friends over and my dad set up an old-fashioned tepee outside so we could have a sleepover. Well, there was a girl who lived across the street, and being high school boys, we thought it would be fun to use another kind of TP (toilet paper) and decorate her house. Not wanting to use toilet paper from my house and alert my parents to our shenanigans, we boys had a brilliant idea: Go on a “scavenger hunt” in the neighborhood and collect the necessary materials. So, we stopped at neighbors’ houses,

telling them we were on a scavenger hunt and just needed half a roll of toilet paper. Our plan worked; we gathered toilet paper from up and down the street and scattered it all over the girl’s house and yard. All of a sudden, we saw lights and realized a cop had seen us. We ran right in front of him, into my backyard, and straight into the teepee. We zipped it up and pretended to be asleep. Several minutes later, we saw a flashlight shining outside of the tent and heard the zipper come up. We continued to be “sleeping.” “Okay guys, come out here.” Our jig was up. “I’m going to watch you clean up every piece.” Luckily, the police officer was good-natured — and so was our neighbor’s dad. He came out as we were cleaning up the mess and just laughed at us. That was the last time I TP’d a house … and the only time I’ve ever been caught in a prank. Now, I’m a dad, and I get to enjoy the trick-or-treating part with my daughters. I get to be the one with the flashlight and baseball hat walking around the neighborhood with them. Becoming a dentist has also changed how I view Halloween, of course. With the holidays and all the treats this time of year, it could almost be called “broken tooth season.” From this time until the Super Bowl, I see more people than ever coming in with cracks and breaks in their teeth. Hard candies, almond roca, peanut brittle, popcorn — it’s like a parade of horrors as far as your teeth are concerned. I’m not going to tell you to give up all the treats you enjoy; just be aware that they are hard on your teeth. Be careful this time of year.

Now, go get those Halloween costumes and pillowcases ready and have a happy Halloween! | 913-631-2677 | 1 –Dr. Bridensti ne

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