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February 2018

A Diversified Portfolio, a Solid Relationship

During the month of February, there’s one big day on a lot of people’s minds. That is, of course, Valentine’s Day. In the days leading up to the 14th, people devote time to thinking about what they can do for those who matter most — particularly their significant others. I, too, have been thinking about what I can do for my wife. My goal, like the goal of so many others, is to make the day truly special. Around this time, I always think about how two of our clients — a couple — celebrate the day. They have a tradition of enjoying an evening out with a surf-and-turf dinner. It’s a dinner of lobster and steak that they happily spend a little extra on. But for them, it isn’t about the money. It doesn’t matter if the markets are up or down. It doesn’t matter how their portfolio is doing. This is a special day they make for themselves. So, how do they do it? How do they give themselves the resources they need to enjoy the evening out? This couple maintains a diversified portfolio that allows them to take

money out of their accounts as needed. Since it’s diversified, they do not experience extreme losses when the markets go negative. Their portfolio is much like their relationship. It has its ups and downs, and it doesn’t always go perfectly, but for the majority of the time, it’s successful. It works for them, and they can rely on one another just as they can rely on their portfolio. This doesn’t mean that when the markets boom their portfolio makes them all kinds of money. A diversified portfolio isn’t designed that way. It’s designed to strike a balance. It’s a balance of risk and return — but more importantly, it’s designed to help them achieve their goals. In this case, it’s a goal centered on consistency. When you take a hard look at the investments within a diversified portfolio, you’ll see certain ones doing well while others are not. Think of elements of the portfolio on a spectrum of performance. In a diverse portfolio, you’ll find

each element spread across that spectrum, from bad to good.

Keep this in mind as you and your significant other enjoy a day of love and appreciation, whether it’s Feb. 14 or a day all your own. Just like in your relationship, there are going to be negatives, but our goal is to keep them as far and few between as possible. It’s all about setting your sights on that surf-and-turf dinner, whatever your personal surf-and-turf dinner may be. And one more thing before I leave you this month: Be sure to clear your schedule on Saturday, June 2. This is the date of our annual gala. I can promise you, if you miss this year’s gala, you’ll be missing out on the event of the year. We are planning something truly extraordinary, and we’ve already secured a very special guest! Stay tuned for more details in the coming months. –Gary Mattson

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