As a parent, you can play a critical role in preventing your child from using alcohol. The key is having high- quality conversations. Keep in mind, research shows that parents who read these materials first and then have conversations with their child are far more effective. Talking About Alcohol

Know The Facts Alcohol is the most misused drug in our society. Many adults do not even consider alcohol to be a drug. What adds to the confusion is that other countries have different laws that allow drinking at an earlier age than in the United States. The data from numerous and well conducted studies indicate that, because of our laws, American children get drunk far less often and have lower lifetime risks of alcohol problems compared to most other countries in the world. Still, even with good laws, some kids start drinking alcohol as early as 6th or 7th grade. Even those that do not set their future expectations for alcohol at this young age. Young people who drink have a much greater risk of getting injured or dying. Research shows that the earlier that they begin; the more likely they are to have life-long alcohol problems.


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