Research clearly shows, however, that the younger a person starts drinking, the greater the chance they will develop alcohol problems later in life. More than 40 percent of the individuals who begin drinking at or before age 13 will develop alcohol abuse or dependence in later life.

Coffee Doesn’t Work! After you drink, the liver removes alcohol from your body and bloodstream. This process takes time and cannot be sped up. As a result, there is no proven way to

make a person sober quicker. You can’t get sober faster by: ࡟ Drinking coffee ࡟ Exercising ࡟ Eating food ࡟ Getting fresh air ࡟ Taking a cold shower

The Bottom Line The best approach is to discuss negative consequences in a straightforward and honest manner.

Remind your teen: Never get in a car with a driver who is trying to sober up. Coffee and other methods just don’t work.


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