Positve reason: To Lift Mood Many kids believe that alcohol will help them get in a

Alternatives: Encourage your child to get involved in sports, hobbies, music, dance, games, reading, and school clubs. He or she could volunteer with organizations associated with causes they care about, such as protecting the environment, preventing underage drinking, or promoting literacy. Kids often go to parties for entertainment. Since drinking can occur at parties, it’s a good idea to monitor and set limits about the kinds of parties your child attends (and set a rule about leaving a party where alcohol is served). Suggest ways they can enjoy themselves without alcohol.

better mood. Alternatives:

Reassure your child that it is normal to feel sad and stressed at times. Explain that it’s possible to improve their mood without alcohol or other drugs. Exercise is an excellent way to help improve mood. Also note to your son or daughter that any “buzz” from alcohol is accompanied by extreme mood lows as well. Positve reason: To Experiment or Entertain Themselves Sometimes when kids get bored, they consider experimenting with alcohol as a means of entertaining themselves.

Keep Track of Your Middle School Student Ask your child where he or she is going to be, and agree on a plan. Have them check in periodically through the day and keep you informed. Limit contact with friends who strongly pressure your child to drink or engage in other dangerous behaviors. Make sure all activities with high-risk friends are in adult supervised and structured settings with no alcohol. Call the adults at the home where you child is going to see if they need help as a way of monitoring.


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