HOW YOU CAN HELP YOUR MIDDLE SCHOOLER A common question we hear from parents is, “What can I do to help reduce the risk of my child using marijuana?” Below is a case study of a mother that many parents can relate to. A case study Lindsey has a son who is a middle student. Her son is interested in sports and spending time with his friends. Lindsey has heard about the drinking that goes on at parties and is concerned like many parents. Lindsey has talked to to her son about drinking and marijuana since he was in elementary school and continues to have regular times to have the “talk” now that he is in middle school. She thinks her son is not interested in alcohol or marijuana, but has heard about parties with children his age where there was alcohol and marijuana. The research shows there are many things that Lindsey does that will reduce the chances of her son using alcohol or Marijuana. 1. Researchhas shown thatwhenparents usemedical and health research to talkwith their childrenabout drinking and marijuana, the less likely they are to use them. ACTION STEP: It is very important for parents to have regular conversations to find out what their middle schoolers know about alcohol and marijuana, why they think the way they do, and how they will act if someone they know is using alcohol or marijuana, or trying to encourage them to use alcohol or marijuana.

2. Studies show parental modeling is associated with children’s marijuana use. Lindsey and her husband’s low use of alcohol and no marijuana use are protective and lower their son’s risk. 3. Studies show that it is never too late for parents to talk with their children about drinking and marijuana. The higher quality is of parent communicate, the less likely their college-aged children are to drink and use marijuana in combination and experience consequences. Lindsey’s checking in and continued conversations are protective and lower his risk.

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