AIS 2020 online exhibition

American Impressionist Society, also known as AIS, was founded in 1998 by four Florida artists in honor of their mentor, William Schultz. Thanks to the vision of Charlotte M. Dickinson, Marjorie I. Bradley, Pauline S. Ney and of course, William Schultz, AIS is proud to serve our member artists with exhibit opportunities, workshops, events, and retreats.

AIS has grown to be one of the most respected national art organizations in the country, with over 1,750 active members nationwide.

AIS partners with galleries and arts organizations to present our National and Small Works Showcase each year in dynamic communities across the United States.

In 2020 we launched our first Online Exhibition.

Much of the artwork in this exhibit is available for purchase.

Please contact the artist at their email listed on each artist page in this catalog.

Cover: Ned Mueller AISM Beartooth Spring Oil on Linen 12 x16

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