AIS 2020 online exhibition

2020 Online Exhibition Juried Artists

Congratulations to the 290 AIS artists who were juried into our exhibition. We received 2,172 entries for considerations by the jurors. Artists with AIS designation after their name have achieved Signature Membership.

Much of the artwork in this exhibit is available for purchase.

Please contact the artist at their email listed on each artist page in this catalog.

Learn more about the AIS Jury Process: Submitted work was reviewed by a panel of highly qualified, nationally recognized master and/or signature level artists, using a “blind jury” process where the juror does not know the identity of the artist whose work he/she is viewing. The jurors do not know the identity of the other jurors. Each juror assigns a score from one (low) to seven (high) to each painting entered, based on technical mastery (composition, design, value, drawing, edges, etc) and whether the piece is impressionistic. The points are then tabulated revealing the highest scoring paintings. The American Impressionist Society believes this method of selection is the most fair and unbiased jurying method currently available.

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