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Candidate briefing packet

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Education in the 2018 campaign – toward good policymaking & better outcomes for children

MN Comeback is guided by a vision that all students – especially those underserved – can attend schools that meet their academic, social emotional and cultural needs. With more great schools, of all types, we can close the opportunity gap for kids across Minnesota.

Our coalition encompasses 80-plus schools, community partners, families and funders. We began this work focused on Minneapolis because of the eagerness to transform K-12, together. We support and scale what demonstrably works. And our community is seeing progress; our strategies and lessons learned are transferrable to the central role education plays in all of our communities.

Our state’s health & well-being – & kids – depend on more great schools

And as an unaffiliated, nonprofit organization, we don’t endorse candidates running for elected office. Instead, we’re a convener and champion for raising awareness around and solving education challenges so more kids attend changing-the-odds schools. We’ve developed expertise in such areas as school operations, teacher recruitment and retention, leadership development, elevating parent voice in decision making and building family agency in education through access to high-quality information about schools. This briefing packet is a resource for candidates in the 2018 race to elevate the universal importance of education on the campaign trail. We urge candidates to freely use statistics and messages sourced in these materials to inform conversations with educators, families, students and the general public. And, we encourage candidates to visit exemplar schools (Appendix) across Minnesota. Please consider MN Comeback a resource to you on the campaign trail and once you’re in office. If you have questions about content or usage – or if your campaign would like to set up a more in-depth briefing session – please reach out to us: • Al Fan, Executive Director: afan@mncomeback.org • Nicholas Banovetz, Director of Partnerships & External Relations: nbanovetz@mncomeback.org

Learn more about us at www.mncomeback.org.

We can’t do it without you.

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