The petition, prepared by attorneys Wulf and Gora and Volunteer Counsel Alvin Pudlin and Abraham S. Silver, asks that the Supreme Court require the university to find specific illegal activity against a local campus organization be- fore that organization be expelled. It con- cludes stating: "The bane of the First Amendment is the administrator who makes his decisions on the basis of broad and pat levels without considering whether any real or substantial danger is involved." Again citing the Supreme Court's Tinker decision, the petition reads, "In our system, undifferentiated fear or apprehension of disturbance is not enough to overcome the right to freedom of expression."o nationwide movement to motivate Con- gressmen, Legislators, President Nixon and most importantly, the American people to become aware of the United States' ceaseless, immoral involvement in Vietnam. On that day, the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice will undertake a mass movement which will consist of a series of nationwide demonstrations. The larger urban areas throughout America will be the target centers for affecting the American people. New York City will be one of them. · No activity as yet, is planned in Buffalo on 6 November. The reas:>ns for this, as explained by the Reverend Ken Sherman , are that the Buffalo Coalition for Peace and Justice has already been in- volved, to the point of near exhaustion, in the recent Agnew visit to Western New York, and more seriously, the Attica tragedy. The Buffalo Coalition for Peace and Justice worked extensively in the Albany demonstrations on Attica. To say that Buffalo will not be an urban target is not to say that people from Buffalo and Western New York will not be involved. Other groups involved in the action to awaken America to the United States' acts of genocide in Southeast Asia include the Buffalo Peace Council and the Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam. Also involved in the nationwide move- ment will be members and supporters of the Harrisburg Defense Committee, and the group supporting the release (or defense) of the Berrigan Brothers. Reverend Sherman stated that in- dividual regions have been established within the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice. These regions, which were es- tablished to break the nation down into a number of groups of people, will send a

In September, 1969, a group of stu- dents at Central Connecticut State Col- lege asked that their SDS group be officially recognized by the college. This would have entitled them to full use of the college's bulletin boards and news- paper for meeting notices, and use of campus facilities to hold meetings. President of the university, F. Don James rejected the advice of a student-faculty committee and denied recognition. The students began a lawsuit regarding the denial of recognition and lost in the federal district and appellate courts. The argument of the ACLU Foundation is that college officials may

"Not only are college students more mature, but by virtue of the Twenty-sixth Amendment almost every college student is now fully .enfranchised and entitled to participate in the political process....Col- ,Alege students are entitled to the identical \9F°irst Amendment protections as they or any other citizen would have in the com- munity at large . "The method of expression con- templated and attempted here involved no intrusion on the rights of others, no inconvenience to competing academic needs, and no interference with classwork or administrative activities.''

The second college case appealed by interfere with the exercise of First the ACLU on 29 September, concerned Amendment rights only upon showing the right of a group of students calling that "a clear and present danger of sub- themselves Students for a Democratic stantive evil" occurs. This placed the Society to be officially recognized on burden of proof not on the students, but PCJP GOAL: _ca_m..;p;..u_s_._____________ o_n_t_he_ad_m_1_·n_is_tr_a_ti_o_n. _______ ...,_TOTAL NATIONAL INVOLV EM ENT Amnesty Urged for War Resisters •JOANN PIZZO •JIM PASTRICK November 6 marks the beginning of a

In a statement released in New York and Washington, on 15 Octo- ber, a group of sixteen lawyers, writers, and academicians proposed that "there be no legal recriminations among ourselves for the fighting and refusing to fight this war." They pleaded, "Let go those who 1972, stated on 23 September that if refused to fight a war that we as a nation elected he would grant amnesty to men have come to detest and to believe wrong- imprisoned or ex-patriated for resisting y fought . Let go those who ran afoul of the draft and the war. military law during a war which many The statement says that more than think is itself illegal." 70,000 young Americans are in exile Amnesty for all offenses related to the abroad to avoid the draft, as many as War in Vietnam was urged by Kenneth B. 100,000 in Canada, who have quit the Clark, president of the American Psycho- military or refused the draft and that logical Association; Robert Coles, the perhaps 12,000 or more men have been Harvard psychiatrist; Erick Erickson, the subjected to military courts for offenses renowned psychoanalyst and writar; committed while in the service. Benjamin Mays,president of the Atlanta, "These men are all young, many of Georgia Board of Education and former them still in their teens; most have proba- president of Morehouse College; Joseph bly never voted in a federal election. Rauh,Jr., labor and civil rights lawyer; Their lives have been deeply affected b'y a Charles Silberman,author of major studies war which was not of their making, one in race relations and education; and which--we feel sure--the overwhelming Andrew Young, former associate of the majority of this nation wishes we had late Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr., who is never begun and pray may quickly end. now chairman of the Atlanta,Georgia So deeply felt is the revulsion against this Human Relations . Commission. war, that the air is full of charges and The petition for amnesty was ad- countercharges as to who was to blame dressed to Congress, the executive for it. While men of our generation dis- branch, various presidential aspirants, the pute blame, the burden of our mistakes public at large, and "especially to the will be their life-long inheritance." young men whose lives have been The group of signers of the amnesty dominated by this war, in the confidence statement emphasized that they were not that they, wherever they are, are already constituting themselves into an organiza- concerned with the making of a better tion, nor were they seeking formal en- America." The petition states that the al- dorsement or financial support. Their in- ternative to amnesty "would be a class of tention in publicizing the statement, they political exiles haunting us for decade af- said, was to help stimulate a process of ter decade. If there is statesmanship left national discussion of the issue of ong us, we will move now to prevent amnesty in the hope that informed that grim prospect." debate could still result in new national Senator George McGovern, (D.-S.D.), purposes. who is seeking presidential nomination iQ 11

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