flow of concerned citizens to Washington, -----------------------------------. D.C. to meet with Congressmen and urge prompt action which would force the end of the Vietnam conflict. About 300 to 400 members of a certain region will go to Washington each day, and this is ex- pected to continue daily from Thanks- giving Day to Christmas. Following a meeting with their Congressmen, mem- bers will gather before the White House and perform acts of group Civil Dis- obedience. Representatives of the Buffalo Region are expected to go to Washington on Thursday, 18 November.

Reverend Sherman stressed that the Coalition's aim was not specifically directed toward students alone , but in- stead, toward the working classes of America. College and University students have carried the majority of sincere anti- war activities in this country for a large portion of time ; it is now felt that those in the working classes should be heard. When asked about prominant people, such as lawyers, Senators, and Represen- tatives involving themselves in the group movement, Reverend Sherman stated that people of this type would probably serve as a base for a total national involvement.



Hanna-Barbra Production, creators of the cartoon series Yogi Bear and The Flintstones, last week released three pub- lic service television commercials de- signed to instill confidence in the "American enterprise system." The ads were produced at the request of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which hopes to air them nationally as free public-service messages. Chamber Vice- President Arch N. Booth introduced the campaign "to get simple economic issues to the people, most of whom don't read (newspapers)." According to Booth, one film dealt with opportunities inherent in th competitive-enterprise system, a sec- ond defended the profit motive, and the third taught that the "consumer is boss." Hanna-Barera Productions was recently cited as being unacceptable by the National Qearing House for Drug Abuse Information newsletter, which rates drug abuse information available to the media for scientific accuracy. The company produced five 3-second anti- drug ads in which animated figures are jointed with lively music and distorted sound effects to illustrate effects and potential dangers of drug abuse. The reviewers commented : "Without stating direct facts about drugs, the spots tend to convey several stereotypes about drugs : All drugs are bad; drugs will con-

An outgrowth of Drugs, the new booklet put out by the medical and counseling staffs of Buffalo State College, a new Drug Committee has been formed in hopes of analyzing the campus drug problem, if any exists, and controlling the problem, if possible. The committee, headed by Dr. Sarantos J. Yeostros of the Student Health Office, has accepted volunteers from the student body to act as key forces in advising the committee on the situation. So far three sub-committees have been formed : a Survey Committee to analyze the extent and form of drug usage on the campus; a Course Developement Committee to work towards the establishment of a three-credit course on the non-medical use of drugs; and a Library Committee to investigate the possiblities of an on-campus drug research library.

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sume the user; and all drugs lead to death." The marijuana spot implies that mari- juana use leads inevitably to other drugs. An animated cigarette takes a boy by the hand and leads the boy to a door that opens to strange objects which capture him. The reviewers concluded with an em- phatic understatement that "this general- ization cannot be supported." In one of the spot commercials, a smiling boy prepares to take a tablet. The tablet grows larger and devours him. [cps] 12

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