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Proposed ideas by Ned Regan, Republican- Conservative candidate for Erie County Executive.

Will work to implement a federally financed "work for relief" program to help ease the welfare burden . Will make a conscious effort to collect pollution fines and exercise full utilization of existing anti- pollution legislation. Will create an advisory labor committee to advise the executive on "economic developement and the production of jobs, and any and all matters pertaining to the working man." Will provide more jobs in the local community by the diversification of the local economic concerns. Will develop a rapid tr'ansit system and work towards the development of a new jet airport. Will work towards the construction of a new stadium. Will see that industrial locations are planned to eliminate the pollution of local residential areas, and environmental areas that cannot stand up to it. Will speed up the establishment of the Squash Island Sewaqe Treatment plant. Will make serious attempts to take care of the local drug problem - educational programs in the elementary schools and high schools, and neighbor- hood workshops; a drug addict rehabilitation pro- gram. Will work towards the centralization of several police units; will establish a county crime labor- atory, uniform records system, and police training academy.

Proposed ideas by Frank Sedita, Democratic- Liberal candidate for Erie County Executive.

Will name an Albany representative to act as a lobbyist for Erie County. Will build a fire -training academy for Erie County volunteer firemen. Will create the position of 'consumer advocate' to "get the county back into the business of serving the people of our area." Will build a new sports stadium that all can be proud of. [statement by James Fortuna of the Arkansas Sports Club] Will "tolerate no more of the spendthrift at- titude that has characterized the Republican county administration since its beginning." Will work to ensure the federal takeover of the entire welfare system .. . Broad nationwide rules and funds raised from progressive tax sources instead of regressive local property taxes. Will call for federal aid for Erie County, like the grants received by the City of Buffalo. Will appoint people from all segments of the community - geographic, ethnic, political, and religious · to act as representatives of the county. Will work to expand the 911 Emergency Telephone System to encompass all of Erie County rather than just the city of Buffalo. 13

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