•SHEILA KEE Over his years as mayor, Frank Sedita has compiled a long record of achievement. He has worked hard to bring state and federal aid to Buffalo, so that the local property taxes can be kept down. In fact, Buffalo has the lowest city taxes of the five major cities in the state . Sedita has held city taxes to a bare thirty-three percent, while the county increased its taxes by 108 percent. The City of Buffalo is currently participating in 137 federal programs which are worth more that $106 million. While other cities have had their labor problems the City of Buffalo has not had one public employees strike during the Sedita administration. Mayor Sedita has strengthened the Buffalo Police Department. The Police Training Academy in Buffalo is the finest in the country. Police officers from forty-three different agencies including sixteen local governments in Erie County, the New York State Police, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have used Buffalo's Police Training Academy in the past six months. Most local agencies in Erie County have used Buffalo's crime laboratory. Mayor Sedita was instrumental in bringing the Buffalo Bills to the community in 1959. Through the Mayor's efforts, Buffalo's auditorium was remodeled to accomodate the fans of the Buffalo. Sabres and Braves. The auditoriums roof was raised in three and a half months. Sedita is recognized as an excellent administrator and has been given endorsements by such men as Al Lowenstein, former Long Island Congressman who is presently leading the "Dump Nixon Movement"; Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, Eugene Muskie, and John Lindsay, Mayor of New York City who has worked with Mayor Sedita on solving the problems that both their urban communities face. Mr. Sedita has in recent weeks put forth many proposals aimed at making county government work. The creation of new jobs and the revitalizations of Erie County's economy are amonq Frank Sedita's top priorities. In Mr. Sedita's plan to reorganize the scheme of the ex>unty's economic administration, he proposes to: Strengthen the existing Office of Economic Development Coordinator; Move the Office of State and Federal Aid Coordinator to the County Planning Department for a "better coordination of county projects;" Appoint a labor analyst-mediator to "appraise the impact of labor disputes with the county, upon the employment, commerce and general economic well being of the community and where indicated to offer his services as a mediator in the dispute;" Revitaliz~ the Count;y Industrial Development Agency. Mr. Sedita also advocates Revenue Sharing at both Federal and State levels. He demands the release of 12 billion dollars from HUD funds for public works projects from President Nixon. Mr. Sedita feels that with these extra funds we could stimulate the economy and also use those funds for sewer construction here. Mr. Sedita is a proven administrator. His experience intergrity, and being able to work with everyone in th~ community are just a few of the many qualifications he possesses for this job. Mr. Sedita is a man who can and will make county government work! · Sheila Kee is a junior at Buffalo State. Majoring in poli!ical science, she is a former student of Ned Regan, and is serving as a Research Staff Member on Frank Sedita 's campaign committee. 14


When the voters of Erie County go to the polls on 2 November to elect a County Executive, they will face a crucial choice. That choice will have a profound effect on the future development of Erie County · not only for the next four years, but for decades. The Democratic-Liberal candidate for County Executive is Frank A. Sedita, a 64-year-old politician who has been the mayor of Buffalo for ten of the last fourteen years. The Republican- Conservative candidate for County Executive is Edward V. (Ned) Regan, a 41-year-old lawyer, businessman educator and civic leader. ' Frank Sedita's campaign has been basically negative. - Ned Regan's campaign, on the other hand, has been positive. By October 15, he had made no less than twenty- one positive workable proposals for making what is essentially good county government even better. He pledged to make economic development and the creation of jobs for Erie County citizens his number one priority. Ned Regan has proposed centralizing some police ser- vices in order to make four critical, technical services avail- a_ble to local law enforcement agencies while, at the same time, allowing them to retain their local autonomy. He has urged the federal government to assume the welfare burden, seeing this as a national problem. Ned Regan has promised to give newly-enfranchised voters whatever role in government they are able and willing to play. He has said he does no believe in a special watered- down role tagged with the title "youth." He has carried this through in his campaign, giving high positions of responsi- A bility to newly-enfranchised voters. ~ , Regan proposed a three-point program for streamlining County government's attack on the drug abuse problem. He proposed the consolidation of existing county consumer pro- tection efforts into an Office of Consumer Protection, direct- ly under the County Executive. But even more basic than the difference between the two candidates' campaign styles, is the difference between their concepts of what County government is, and what it should be: Frank Sedita's attitude toward county government is basically rooted in the traditional City-County conflict. Ned Regan, on the other hand, has a positive, progres- sive attitude toward county government. One of his major themes is that he will forge a partnership between county government and town, village and city governments. He pro- poses to make the resources and services of county govern- ment available to town, village and city governments. He proposes to strengthen town, village and city governments, (by building an active county government), which will handle problems of an area-wide nature, freeing the towns, villages and cities to more effectively handle problems of a com- munity nature. For these reasons I urge all voters going to the polls on 2 November to study the, real issues before casting a ballot. Think about what kind of government you want and what kind of man you want to lead that government. Think about whether you want county government to move ahead during the next decade, or whether you want it to stand still. Then vote for Ned Regan. Your future depends on it. Chuck Robertson is a junior at Buffalo State College, majoring in philosophy. Presently he is Buffalo State co- -ordinator of NEAR (New Electorate Active for Regan).

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