my spinning, over-anxious brain rebels against its role

in flowing robes, their feminine hearts and masculine bodies join; serene aloft, each lordly mind commands the uniform. 9. A symbol of "right worship," how serenely turns the soul revolved above the enormous heat of the sensual bulge below; concealed beneath the flowing dress is the bulge without whose fire body and soul collapse into noughts in a loveless pile. 10. Mevlana loved his boy until

else atoms swirling in a brain are fated to repeat the natural grooves of circumstance fortuitously lent. 16. How lovely shines the gilded ring of buttercups in June, each cup a miracle of form contrived in a natural mold, no brain can match the golden ring yet gold as fair the stream of anguish ladled from a flute beneath a baton's nod. 17. Each afternoon we hear the throb of drums and blare of horns above us on the hill the guard of honor lowers the flag , shared taxis stop, the drivers brake and lurch into the street; their patrons join the stiff salute in homage to the State. The dancer 's lust defies defiance; the holy man secures his aristicracy above the dirty multitude ; the dancer's lust usurps control and lordly cries, "I am 1 I soar beyond compulsion , an exception to the clan." The sheikh controls the dancers till they whirl beyond his hold ; lost to the earth, they contemplate an absolute control; their pantomime submits to law, to nature, State, and shroud, leads up and down, from nought to man to God to man to nought . Love molecules, love matter, love man, love the cloudy vault above the earth,love everything that walks or moves or halts; but love within the pattern, love the form, obey the sheikh, until your liberated soul upsoars to link with death. 21. The sheikh accepts a tribute kiss , his lordship is divine, he advocates democracy for everyone but him; Tuskegee's lord and master submitted for his race but slyly had his tribute kiss from kneeling Black and White. 18. 19. 20.

and tugs against the dervish dance which flaunts its flash and flare . 2. On the far shore the cattle cropped oblivious to the river; my mother hurried, almost ran to bury herself forever; a little woman, five feet tall, she hurried to join the river, the moving stream in which her hurt could pass and cease forever. 3. Here in this bold, insurgent town a million frantic Turks buck traffic, yanked beyond the curb of Mecca's calisthenics; but in my class the dark-eyed girls have chiefly one desire, to cut a caper with a boy who matches their desire. 4. A cavalcade of shining cars flows down the sprinkled street and v.hen they stop, each statesman waits until the driver jerks open the door and, sweating, prays "Please, sir, this way." The rite of measured pomp and circumstance copies a minuet . e. Ambitious measures gain against a neighbor's failure, thus success is always sugar-soured with someone elses' hurt; I see the sour mouth of success ·mask savagery with smiles, "Dear neighbor, how I Jove you, please kneel down and boost me higher." 6. The savage dance , the savage swirl of atoms in the bulge of every social matron's bust its regal bearing takes from multitudes of whirling motes captived by finer stays than cotsets sewn by children's skill in some clay village hovel 7. Tapering minarets upthrust their rockets toward the sky, invented symbols of invented ultimate mysteries; the self-same sacred chains I wore beneath a puritan spire the lordly Imam forges here and warns against defiance. - Dervishes whirl in a stately dance, one hand thrust up, one down, to heaven and earth their loyalty, beards stiff above their gowns;

.the neighbors scared away the timid music maker, then he knew the pangs of joy,

absent from Jove, he loved the ghost and through it clarified remembered Jove, whose hurtling seeds once mixed with Shems's seeds. Angora's fierce competitive trade unmasks the brutal slap


12. of exploitation, young men Jove, and grown men kiss, then part, and knuckle to the consequence of wife and social pride and cold outdoors and a warm flat and meat before dessert. Four billion motes join in a dance to form a pinhead's crown, a lazar light reveals precise choreography; unthinking motes perform each pas perfect in leap and line, their calibration beggars art contrived by a human brain. Lucifer soared to be a God; refusing to submit, he marshalled angels in defiance of the heavenly ordinance; to be a man, to be a God, the dancer sways the dance asserting the autonomy of human arrogance. 14. Dervishes dance a dance of faith obedient to the whim of trumped-up J)C)'M?rs beyond belief; they knuckle to the throne and lose their being in the All of Allah's glorious One, like atoms in a ringaround upon a platinum cone. 15. The dance nrust bend, the dan::e must fight, the dancer must rebel, the Pawnee dancer stamps his foot to put his god in shame, 13.

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