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October 27 Campus

October 30 Campus

Coffee House - Danny Taylor, tonight at the fireside lounge - tomorrow in the Social Hall ; 8 -10 p.m. Convocation Board - Saul Alinsky, workshop at 1 p.m. in assembly room, 8 p .m. lecture . Elections for Reps-at-large - today, Thursday and Friday . Gallery 229 - Upton Hall - Students King, Hughes and Licata exhibition through 5 November. Campus l.V.C.F. Coffee House , Union Social Hall 6 p .m. also 29 October Casting Hall Production presents three one act plays Frenzy for Two or More by Ionesco Great Goodness of Life Confessions Supermarket by Christopher Sajecki directed by Warren Enters, 8 p.m. Upton Hall Auditorium Kenan Center "The Price " by Arthur Miller, directed by Michael P. Guastella 8 :30 p .m. through 31 October. WNED-TV 9 p .m. " Birdbath" Patty Duke and James Farention "The Chalk Garden" Gladys Cooper and Joan Greenwood O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, tickets at Cricket and Salsberg Agencies through 6 November. Eastman House, Rochester - Lawrence Weissman Exhibition, photographs produced through use of laser, through 30 November. Second Semi -Annual Counter -Conference on Literature and Language and Their Meaning in Today's Dynamic Educational World 8:30 p.m. Communications Center Local Music, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries recorder, violin, harpsichord Baird Hall Philharmonic Orchestra Chuck Mangione and orchestra; premiere of new album ; Kleinhans Music Hall "THX-1138" Robert Duvall, movie about future society, directed by George Lucas, Norton Union through 31 October. Ice Capades - Memorial Auditorium 8 p.m. call 853-7460. Local Outside

Alpha Xi Omega - Festival of Fright 6 p .m. to 2 a.m. Union Social Hall. Retired Alumni Chapter Annual Meeting Luncheon 12 :30 Moot Hall . Local "Halloween Opera " U.B. Opera Workshop also 30, 31 October. Evenings for New Music - Albright Knox 8 :30 p.m. Stiler, Mauricio, Kagel , Brant , Hiller. Outside Jethro Tull - Rochester War Memorial 8 :30 p.m. "Rosemary 's Baby - R.I.T. Camp4s Movie "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" 6, 8 :15 p .m. Union Social Hall Local Philharmonic Orchestra M. Tilson Thomas, conductor, pre-concert talk, 2 p.m. concert includes Josquine des Pres, Varese, Perotin, and Schumann, also 2 November, 8 p.m. Exhibit by members of Conchological Section, Museum of Science. Kris Kristofferson Kleinhans Music Hall 8:30 p.m. Jethro Tull - Memorial Auditorium Revilot 257 East Ferry Street - Arthur Prysock Leo Smit "Diabelli Variations" Downtown Library WKBW-TV "No Man is an Island" (1962) Jeff Hunter 12:20 a.m. WNED-TV The Struggle for China - 8 p .m. - narrated by James Mason ; rise of Sun Yat Sen, Chiang Kai Shek, the "Long March."

October 28

October 31

November 1 Local

October 29 Campus

November 2 Campus

Convocations Board presents Seminar on Humor, Union Social Hall 12 noon - 12 a .m. 2-4 November with David Wieck, William Davis, and Tom Noel. Biology Seminar, V.D.-Epidemic in Erie County, Dr. Dean Woodrich Local ELECTION DAY

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