Tanisha Upshaw - Professional Bio

CONSULTING PROFILE Tanisha Upshaw is an experienced leader in global chemical regulatory compliance. She has a proven record of success through her resource management, project management and creative problem-solving of chemical industry challenges within organizations. She is known for her profile as a team player with a strong work ethic and high problem-solving acumen. She consistently delivers business critical initiatives through providing skilled, engaged and experienced resources with high client service prowess and accessibility. Tanisha has in-depth knowledge of chemical product compliance and stewardship with several Federal, State and Local government agencies; specifically, EPA, FDA, CSPA, OSHA and DOT. As a lifetime steward of the chemical and regulatory industry, she is recognized for her ability to improve processes while ensuring compliance with established guidelines.


“I am passionate about helping people by igniting talented resources through inspired project experiences that fire them up to bring their best to company challenges. Through servicing the needs of clients and providing the very best resources, I spark a chain reaction of problems solved and solutions delivered with mutual wins for all involved.” Our Chain Reaction Approach chain re•ac•tion / ˈˌ CHān rē ˈ akSH ə n/ a chemical reaction or other process in which the products themselves promote or spread the reaction, which under For Fired Up Resources, a client reaction or project in which the resources themselves promote or spread solutions, which under business conditions accelerate results dramatically. certain conditions may accelerate dramatically. - Tanisha Upshaw


Chemical Product Stewardship She utilizes resources to ensure that products are regulatorily compliant for the intended market. Fired Up Resources genuinely cares about the products as a whole, as well as each individual aspect of them.

OSHA Hazard Communication She reviews data sheets and labels, interprets standards globally and locally and advises on chemical safety, transportation of chemicals and hazard communication programs. Project Management She uses proven processes and knowledge of existing resources to execute regulatory affairs. Communicates as necessary with different departments and regulatory bodies in order to keep projects on track and meet timelines.

423 . 595.0492


https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanisha -custer-upshaw-m-s-cla-b5951b1a/

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