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The Joy of the Holidays Is in the Traditions

The great thing about holiday traditions is that everyone has their own. Some families get Christmas pajamas every year, and others still do stockings hung by the chimney with care. Some whip up a feast for breakfast, and others have store-bought cinnamon rolls. Some even ignore the holiday altogether — I heard one guy decided to binge-watch the entire season of “Making a Murderer” on Dec. 25. For the longest time, it was just my oldest daughter and me, which made Christmas a pretty quiet holiday. Now that six kids roam the halls of Beckett Manor, the house is filled with laughter, noise and activity on Christmas morning. Each child is up at the crack of dawn — let’s be honest, long before dawn! — unable to contain their excitement. Of course, we always have way too many gifts under the tree. I try to really listen to what the kids say they want throughout the year, and I’ll buy it while I’m thinking of it. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m done buying presents. I feel great for a New York second, pat myself on the back for another year well done … and then … I start seeing all the cute Christmas stuff. So, I buy a few more little

“Watching them embrace the idea of “it’s better to give than to receive” has been a source of joy for me every holiday season.”

things that are too charming to resist, and then I’m done. But then, of course, I see one more small gift I know someone will love, so I buy that too. I’m done. Okay, who am I kidding? Once I start gift wrapping and realize it’s not 100 percent equal and someone has a bigger pile than someone else — because you know they’ll count how many presents they each got — then I have to run to CVS or Walgreens and try to figure out something last minute. This year, it’s definitely going to be different! I’m done. I think. My kids enjoy the gifts I buy, but they also love the presents they make themselves. Every year, each child creates something from scratch for all the others. One year, my oldest made wooden coasters with pictures burned into them. My boys often give coupons offering to clean the house or do something thoughtful, and Nara always makes something wonderful. Watching them embrace the idea of “It’s better to give than to receive” has been a source of joy for me every holiday season. Don’t get me wrong — they love their gifts, but they also show genuine joy for giving too. After presents, my mother and brother might come over for a late brunch — the more, the merrier.

house to open just one present –and then it’s off to my friend Cindy’s house for a delightful evening. If you’ve ever seen a big Italian family gathering, take that and double it. Cindy took over the holiday festivities from her mother, Madeline, a few years ago, and now 50 or 60 — or more — of her relatives and friends celebrate the evening at her small house in Glastonbury. There’s lots of wonderful food, and I catch up with everyone I haven’t seen since the year before. It’s the most welcoming environment, and I love that Cindy and her family have included me in their tradition for the past 45 years. What’s better than old friends? I hope everyone finds joy with friends and family this holiday season. If you don’t, just call me and we’ll head over to Cindy’s.

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–Suzann Beckett

While Christmas Day is fun, Christmas Eve is pretty special too. We always go to my parents’


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