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Let’s Make the World Better When Dr. Derrick Nelson Sets His Mind to It

Hello there,

Derrick has said, “The best part of my job is knowing I made an animal better and left a positive impact on their owner’s life. You can’t measure that level of satisfaction.” I can relate. When I was the clinic dog, I really enjoyed

My name’s Bubba, and you may know me from my time as the clinic dog down at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic. When I first showed up at Town & Country, I was in a pretty sorry state. I had a skin infection, heart worms, and I was going bald! Fortunately, Dr. Derrick Nelson volunteered to take me in. These days, I’m like a new dog and I get to live with Derrick and his family. I wasn’t surprised that Derrick was able to patch me up so well. He’s the kind of person who has spent his life looking after animals. Derrick grew up in the middle of nowhere South Dakota, where the neighbors were miles away and all his classmates fit in a one-room schoolhouse. It was the kind of thing you’d read about in “Little House on the Prairie.” Hailing from a family of farmers, Derrick spent his childhood helping with all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to horses and cows. He knew he wanted to work with animals, but it wasn’t until he was a senior in high school, preparing for a mentorship class, that his mother suggested he think about being a vet. For the class, Derrick shadowed a local vet for 80 hours and realized how cool the field was. He watched the vet perform a successful surgery on a cat with a golf ball-sized tumor in its belly, helping the cat feel better and giving the cat’s owner some peace of mind. After this experience, Derrick decided to become a veterinarian. Being the kind of person who doesn’t give up easily, once Derrick sets his mind to something, it’s as good as done. I’ve always thought that’s a pretty good quality in a human.

greeting pets and people as they walked in. I’ve been told I’m pretty laid back, so my demeanor tended to help everyone else feel a bit more relaxed when they came into the clinic. This wasn’t as big of a job as removing tumors and such, but it’s a job I enjoyed. The team at Town & Country have always been awesome. Derrick is a great vet, but clinics don’t run on the shoulders of one person. It takes an excellent staff to make sure every pet and person gets the right care and leaves feeling better than when they came in. In addition to taking care of everyone who comes into Town & Country, Derrick is passionate about teaching other vet clinics how to offer that same level of care. He and his friend, Dr. Kent Julius of Legacy Veterinary Clinic in Frisco, have teamed up and are working to show other clinics how to be just as great as the team at Town & Country.

This sounds like a pretty big job, but like I said, when Derrick decides to do something, it’s as good as done.



Treating Your Pets Like Family



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