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they’re fully recovered, they end up deconditioning themselves — their muscles weaken and tighten, and they get tired more quickly than before. PTs like me can help with that! We’re experts in easing people back into exercising, and we know how to reintroduce movement while ensuring you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. In the past, my team and I have helped people recover from heart attacks and major illnesses, and even put those struggling with high blood sugar or weight gain back on track for active, healthy lives. With our help, they’ve gotten back to moving with ease, doing sports and hobbies they love, and running around after their kids and grandkids like they used to. illness, consider adding PT to your recovery toolkit. In the spirit of the season, you could even come in with your partner for Valentine’s Day, or join our Wellness Program together in the way Dorris and Larry have! Regardless of where you are in your journey, we can help. Call one of our clinics today to ask about our Wellness Program or make an appointment to discuss which treatment plan would be right for you. If you’re in long-term recovery from a heart attack, stroke, or other

and endurance and keep themselves feeling young! My team and I have loved watching their progress and encouraging their independence. It’s pretty rare for people to take advantage of a PT’s services the way Dorris and Larry do, but I’d love to see more people turn to us for help with conditions related to old age (it happens to everyone, after all!), reversing a sedentary lifestyle, or recovering after a heart attack or stroke. Because February is National American Heart Month, that last point has been on my mind a lot. After a heart attack or stroke, it can be tough for a person to figure out when it’s safe for them to become active again if their physician hasn’t referred them to a PT. As a result, many people spend more time resting and staying off their feet than they really need to. After

Most of my patients come in for help while they're recovering from sports injuries, the fallout from car crashes, or stubborn neck and back pain. However, two of my favorite patients make regular visits to Spine & Rehab Specialists to combat the effects of something else entirely: old age. For privacy’s sake, I’ll give this sweet couple new names: Dorris and Larry. Dorris is 87, and Larry is 89. They’ve been married for many years and are both healthy for their ages, but they started driving themselves to our clinic a while back to work on their mobility. Larry came in first, then Doris followed. They both excelled in their treatment, and when it was over, they decided to join our Wellness Program to make sure they stay active. Twice a week, they come into our clinic for help with exercises to increase their flexibility, strength,

– Harry Koster

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