October Kitchen - June 2023

Thank You for Your Hard Work GEOFF IS OUR SECRET WEAPON!

tell you that he loves the social interaction he gets to have with our team and customers. He loves connecting with others, learning about their hobbies and sharing his passions. But most importantly, he loves delivering a WOW experience to our customers. When Geoff isn’t working, you can find him playing video games or watching livestreams! Not only is he a mastermind behind our sealing machines, but he is also a pro behind the gaming console! If he’s not gaming, you can find him hanging out with his pet rabbit, Luna. They are the best of friends — she is always hopping around him! Thank you, Geoff, for all your hard work. We value and appreciate you so much! Thank you for being you!

he plays a crucial role in our daily routines at October Kitchen!

At October Kitchen, we love highlighting and praising our team for their hard work and dedication. Today, we wanted to discuss someone who does a lot for us: Geoff! Geoff has been with us for several years, and watching him grow has been an honor. Paul has known about Geoff for quite some time because Geoff’s mother, Lenora, is a customer of October Kitchen, and her business is right across the street from us! One day, Geoff told his mother he was looking for a job, and she immediately thought of us! After speaking with Lenora and meeting Geoff, we knew it would be a great fit. At first, he only worked one day a week, but as he got more accustomed to his role, he began working four days a week. Now,

While you may not see him, everything you get from us must go through his hands first. He runs our sealing machines and ensures your cookies, muffins and salads remain fresh. He also places the labels on our soup and salad containers. If it weren’t for Geoff, you wouldn’t have fresh food! He is October Kitchen’s superstar and secret weapon. It’s amazing to see Geoff work — he has his routine down to a T. It’s like you’re watching a robot as he casually seals dozens of containers and meals. Sometimes, we think he has more than two hands because he’s so fast!

If you were to ask Geoff his favorite thing about working here, he would

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each day to recite the Lord’s prayer and spend quality time with God whenever possible.

realize how much progress I’d made within the first few months of 2023. However, seeing these numbers gives me a sense of accomplishment. But it doesn’t stop there — 75 Hard is only the beginning of Andy Frisella’s challenge! There are three other phases you can complete! After finishing 75 Hard, I took a week to decompress, but now I am starting the next phase. This phase includes everything I did during the first challenge, but I must add three additional tasks. The first is 10 minutes of journaling each day. I didn’t record my thoughts during 75 Hard, and I regret it! I’m not going to make the same mistake this time! The second is a daily stretching routine. I was very stiff and sore every day during the 75 Hard challenge, so I incorporated a 15-minute guided stretching routine for my back, hips and hamstrings. And the third is prayer. I want to take time

On top of these new tasks, I also have to take a five-minute cold shower daily. When I first did this, I hated it. But now, I secretly love it! I usually hop out of the shower laughing hysterically because of the dopamine rush you get after a nice, ice-cold shower. I highly recommend it! I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, and I can’t wait to see my progress this time. Do you think you’re up for the challenge? I would love it if you’d join me! For more information on 75 Hard, go to AndyFrisella.com/ pages/75hard-info .

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