Providoré Gift Tubes

CALL-OFF ORDERS Our call-off order service allows you to maximise your budget and manage your campaign with the minimum of fuss. It gives you bulk order savings, but doesn’t require you to pay the full invoice or receive the full delivery in one go. You simply schedule when you want deliveries within a 12 month period and we invoice per delivery. Design detail and contents can be varied within the order.

Fantastic for your rolling marketing program and takes away the pressure of reordering and managing aging stock.





We deliver fresh stock (minimum 6 months shelf life) and we invoice as we deliver.

Place one order for 256 tubes or more. You can include more than one type of content or design if needed.

Schedule when and where you want delivery within 12 months from date of order in multiples of 100 for Small Tubes or 64 for Large Tubes and 48 for Tins.

If needed, request a reminder before the call-off is delivered. We can also accommodate a change to your call-off date within 5 working days before shipping.


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