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In the end, everything rises and falls on leadership. If an employee doesn’t do something right, ultimately, it’s your fault as the leader of your company. Somewhere down the line, you haven’t clearly communicated what you want or haven’t put the right processes in place. Why get upset first? This was a crucial message on the importance of putting the necessary systems in place that make delegation achievable. Most importantly, figure out where things went wrong. Communication is key. Take the time to dig in and start to figure out where things broke down instead of getting upset. It’s better for your team and your blood pressure. professionals who share my passion for business. The chance to share common challenges, successes, and camaraderie was invaluable. In addition, I got to see behind the scenes of Shaun Buck’s business and even meet the team who handles my newsletter campaign. It was a great experience. If you can do one thing that’s going to take you to the next level in 2019, I encourage you to attend at least one personal or professional workshop that you don’t already have to go to. Do some planning to fit this in. It should be something that’s not required for your professional license but a seminar that interests you and is an opportunity to learn from other business leaders. Trust me — while spending that time away from your business, you’re going to reap so many benefits. Gather with leaders who have been where you’re trying to go and are already successful. So, in the coming year, I encourage you to get fascinated with your business, the ups, the downs, and those opportunities for improvement. Then, take a few days away to refresh your perspective and learn from others. I can tell you from my experience that it’ll be worth it. SPEND TIME AWAY FROM YOUR BUSINESS At the boot camp, I was in a room full of other


I n October, I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Boise, Idaho, learning from Fortune 500 entrepreneur Shaun Buck. As an attorney who completes many hours of law-specific continuing education, I was excited for the opportunity to delve into the business side of things. It’s important to me that I stay on the cutting edge of small business because that’s who I work with — my fellow small-business owners. At the same time, I’m also trying to scale my business and grow. Trainings like the one I attended in October are mutually beneficial to my clients and me, and they are awesome opportunities to learn. What I think is so cool is that it’s not necessarily the new information you glean that’s most valuable — it’s the stuff you’ve heard so many times before but haven’t acted on. Stepping outside of your own bubble, getting away from your everyday routine, and meeting other business leaders inspires you to actually take action. Here are some of the great takeaways and good reminders I brought back with me from Idaho. GET FASCINATED, NOT FRUSTRATED One of the biggest challenges we face as we grow our teams is delegation. Often, I ask someone to do something, and I get the opposite of what I wanted. As a business owner, I tend to get frustrated. So when I heard Shaun say, “Instead of getting frustrated, get fascinated,” it really hit home.


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