Adult Grief After a Traumatic Death


Traumatic Grief

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Substance Impaired Driving Drugged Driving Hit and Run Grief and Gender Differences

Unique Components of Male Grief Unique Components of Female Grief

Coping with Traumatic Grief Mourning Triggering Events/Holidays Finding Ways to Cope Complications of Traumatic Grief Survivor Guilt General Survivor Guilt Parental Survivor Guilt Survivor Guilt with Specific Incident Realistic vs. Unrealistic Guilt Seeking Help for Survivor Guilt Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatment for PTSD

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Death of a Child

Death of an Only Child Stepchild Grief Complications in Blended Family Relationships Coping with the Death of a Child Death of a Grandchild Grandparents as Parents Coping with the Death of a Grandchild Death of a Parent Spousal/Partner Grief Losing Your Best Friend/Partner Friend Grief The Family’s Reaction Coping with Death in the Workplace When Your Loved One Was the Substance Impaired Driver How to Help Others Impacted by a Traumatic Death Provide Supportive Assistance Tips for Providing Ongoing Support Final Thoughts


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