Adult Grief After a Traumatic Death

Final Thoughts

For some, enduring trauma ignites a spark of activity to right some of the wrongs involved in a sudden violent death. Most victims/survivors want to prevent it for others. Thousands of men, women and youth have joined Mothers Against Drunk Driving after their loved ones were killed in order to make a difference in their communities. Whether helping those impacted by a crash cope emotionally, educating others about

the dangers of substance impaired driving, or working to prevent substance impaired driving crashes by strengthening laws in your state, you can make an impact. Some people find it helps them enormously to work to end substance impaired driving and victimization. It can feel as though it is the one activity that might bring something

You can make an impact.

constructive out of their loss. To reach out to talk with someone, find resources or get involved, please call the 24-Hour MADD Victim Services Help Line at 1-877-MADD-HELP or 1-877-623- 3435 to be connected to a MADD Victim Advocate who will be ready and willing to listen and help. You can also visit us online at .


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