Adult Grief After a Traumatic Death

Grief reactions may be manifested through nightmares and flashbacks, depression, inability to concentrate, confusion, lack of motivation, and unexpected displays of grief. These reactions can last for months. Substance Impaired Driving Substance impaired driving includes people who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are a number of factors of a substance impaired driving crash that can make coping with grief difficult. First, there is the aspect that someone chose to drive impaired by a substance. The fact that their death

could have been prevented intensifies grief. Second, frustration with the legal system, and lack of knowledge about what can and should happen may hinder you from being able to cope with how your loved one died. Third, the senseless nature of the crime

Many ask, why did this happen?

makes it difficult to understand. The question of why did this happen is one that plagues many victims/survivors. Usually there is no clear or good reason as to why, or sometimes even how, a crash takes place. Finally, most victims/survivors of crashes unfortunately never get to tell their loved one goodbye. You may or may not have had the opportunity to say “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” or “Thank you.” Drugged Driving Drugged driving crashes carry unique circumstances that can affect the loved ones of those who have been killed. The prosecution of drugged driving crashes can be extremely challenging due to the fact that testing for illicit or prescribed drugs doesn’t happen nearly as often as testing for alcohol. Many times officers aren’t trained to recognize drug impairment as often as they are trained on alcohol impairment. There are specially trained Drug Recognition Officers; however, they may not always be available to test a supsect at the scene. Many drugs can also leave the suspect’s system very rapidly. By the time law enforcement is at the scene or a test is administered, there is little to no evidence of drug impairment.


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