Blue Diamond Almond Facts January-February 2023


“I’m excited by this phenomenal opportunity to join one of the most consistent and fastest-growing food and beverage companies in the world,” said Bockmann. “I look forward to learning from growers and team members and keeping our immediate focus on maintaining business continuity and growth momentum.” Cummings said the Board, Bockmann, Jansen, and the entire experienced executive team at Blue Diamond will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition in leadership over the next few months. “We’re grateful for Mark’s support during the search and his commitment to helping set Kai and the cooperative up for continued success,” said Cummings. “We’re building from 112 years of success, and we know the future is bright for Blue Diamond because no one knows how to get almonds from growers’ farms to families worldwide better than us.” Bockmann hit the ground running right from his start at Blue Diamond . His first week included travel up and down the Central Valley where he met with growers and district directors, he attended Blue Diamond leadership meetings and toured the Sacramento, Salida, and Turlock sites.

Kai observing almonds with grower and past Blue Diamond Board Chairman, Clinton Schick



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