Blue Diamond Almond Facts January-February 2023

SHIELD YOUR YIELD. DON’T LET LEPIDOPTERAN PESTS GO UNPUNISHED WITH CONCENTRATED ALTACOR® EVO INSECT CONTROL. Evolved and optimized Altacor® eVo insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® active oers the same benefits of Altacor® insect control but with a lower tank mix use rate. The optimized product concentration allows growers to handle, store and dispose of less product and packaging. It provides long- lasting, fast-acting residual control of Lepidopteran pests in tree nuts. Altacor eVo insect control is a foundational rotation partner in an integrated pest management program for tree nuts, pome and stone fruits and over 100 other crops.

Visit your FMC retailer or ALTACOREVO.AG.FMC.COM to shield your yield this season.

Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. FMC, the FMC logo, Altacor and Rynaxypyr are trademarks of FMC Corporation of an a†liate. ©2022 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 22-FMC-2256 09/22

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