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Jennifer Legacy-Gray I originally wanted to become a Physical Therapist to help people feel better. Now, 13+ years after getting my B.S. in Physical Therapy from U.V.M. and after practicing in various settings, I have learned that helping people feel better is not always a simple task. The outpatient setting is really where my PT passion lies. I originally started working at NPT in 2007 after moving back to my family roots in the Northeast Kingdom. I now have a few extra tools in my belt to help patients along the path to recovery from specialized continuing education courses in the Graston technique, Pilates for rehabilitation, vestibular training and canalith repositioning. I’ve learned the importance of treating patients as more than just injured body parts and how that approach, for me and my patients, has resulted in some great outcomes. People often ask if it’s boring to see different patients for the same injuries day after day and year after year and I tell them no because everybody is very different and no two injuries recover the exact same way. I enjoy the challenge of helping people feel better, but what I enjoy even more is giving people the knowledge to help themselves feel better! StaffSpotlight people the knowledge to help themselves feel better!

Newsletter “Don’t Let Sciatica Become A Way Of Life!” NATURAL SCIATICA PAIN RELIEF

Ben McCormack, PT, CEO

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Sciatica is a very common condition that affects 10% of the population. Sciatica is defined as pain that follows the course of the sciatic nerve. However, many people suffer with other sciatica like symptoms including low back pain, foot pain and even numbness in the leg.These symptoms can be signs of other back problems such as mechanical low back pain or even herniated discs. How do you know if you have sciatica? • Tenderness or sharp pain into the buttock muscles • Numbness, tingling or pain that travels down the back of the thigh • Constant pain that may originate in the low back, but travels mainly down the back of the buttock, thigh, calf and even foot • Pain that feels better when lying down but worsens with standing, walking or sitting General exercises for sciatica Physical therapy exercises incorporating a combination of strengthening, stretching, and aerobic conditioning are a central component of

almost any sciatica treatment plan. When patients engage in a regular program of gentle exercises, they can recover more quickly from sciatica pain and are less likely to have future episodes of pain. Strengthening exercises Many exercises can help strengthen the spinal column and the supporting muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Most of these back exercises focus not only on the lower back, but also the abdominal (stomach) muscles and gluteus (buttock) and hip muscles. Strong core muscles can provide pain relief because they support the spine, keeping it in alignment and facilitating movements that extend or twist the spine with less chance of injury or damage. Stretching exercises Stretching is usually recommended to alleviate sciatic pain. Stretches for sciatica are designed to target muscles that cause pain when they are tight and inflexible. Hamstring stretching is almost always an important part of a sciatica exercise program. Most people do not stretch these muscles, which extend from the pelvis to the knee in the back of the thigh, in their daily activities. If you are suffering from sciatica pain, contact Northern Physical Therapy to schedule your appointment today!


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“This Pain Doesn’t Have To Stay With You!” 4 WAYS TO QUICKLY RELIEVE SCIATICA

1. Get properly diagnosed by a physical therapist. Other low back conditions can present as sciatica symptoms and it is important to determine the exact origins of your symptoms. Seeing a physical therapist sooner, rather than later means faster recovery and less potential for damage that can occur to the spinal joints and nerves. 2. Alternate heat and ice to the low back and buttock area. Ice helps to relieve inflammation, while heat, helps relax muscles and improve blood flow. Try 10 minutes on, 30 minutes off when alternating. Make sure to check your skin frequently to prevent injury. Speak with one of our specialists if you have questions on what will work best for you. 3. Position yourself to relax your low back and take the pressure off the nerve. Two ways to do this are either: 1. Lie on your non-painful side with your knees bent comfortably with the top knee slightly forward of the other. 2. Lie on your back with a pillow under your knees. (Find your best position of comfort). 4. Lying on your back, knees bent, slowly rock knees side to side to gently stretch your low back. This can help relax the muscles and relieve nerve pain. Speak to one of our specialists if you have questions on which exercises you should do. While sciatica can literally be a pain in the backside, it doesn’t have to stay with you. Simple strategies and seeing the right physical therapist early can make a big difference in quickly healing and returning to the pain free activities you love.

Exercise Essential

Strengthens Hips

PELVIC TILT While lying on your back, use your stomach muscles to press your back into the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.

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NPT Values Highlight Caring Confidence It really stinks when Greg the grocer packs your milk on top of your bread. I doubt Greg likes flat sandwiches, so why doesn’t he care that you have to eat flat sandwiches? Funny things happen when you actually do care about what other people experience.... You end up happier, earn more money, have more friends, enjoy more success, and sleep better. Caring doesn’t cost anything, require any talent, and can sometimes save lives. Any improvement in someone’s life can usually be traced back to the care and compassion of another. So at NPT we care about everybody. A Lot! Energetic Engagement “Whenever I need to reset my body mechanics the first thing I ask my doctor is for a referral to Northern Physical Therapy.” “Northern Physical Therapy is like going home for me. Through the years I have had so many of my needs met by the excellent team of therapists that I feel like they are my family. Whenever I need to reset my body mechanics the first thing I ask my doctor is for a referral to Northern Physical Therapy. Not only are they excellent caregivers but they are community minded and loving people. They wholeheartedly give whether it’s giving to the backpack program for HOPE or creating a music fundraiser for a deceased patient who they poured all of their love and caring into. I love them all, they are constantly reaching higher and I recommend them to anyone who needs some body repair mixed with humor, sympathy and love.”

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